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1. At Mytee Products, Inc we are committed to providing the very best product at an affordable cost. We also understand that sometimes products may be damaged in transit or could possibly bear some sort of defect straight out of the plant. Since we understand this we have policies in place to make sure that our customers are taken care of the right way the first time.

2. TARP MOTOR WARRANTY. Tarp motors are under warranty from the moment they leave our shipping warehouse until the pre-determined length of the warranty has come due (3 or 5 years). We have a system in place that tracks motor serial numbers from the time they are invoiced up until the expiration of the warranty. 

3. The standard procedure for activating a motor warranty is as follows:

1. Ensure that the motor has not been physically damaged in any way. External damage to the motor caused by loaders, falling debris, tree limbs, etc. automatically voids the warranty.

2. Ensure that the motor has not been separated from the gear box. Our tarp motors are married to the gear box. This helps us guarantee safe operation and any attempt to open the motor or gear box automatically voids the warranty.

3. Ensure that the circuit breaker is properly installed. Using the tarp motor with an improperly or not installed circuit breaker voids the warranty of the tarp motor. The circuit breaker controls the flow of electricity to the motor reducing damages by power surges.

4. Call your sales representative at MYTEE PRODUCTS at 888-705-8277. At this time the sales representative will ask you a few questions about the tarp motor to include the three items listed above and the sales representative will confirm that the tarp motor's serial number is in fact under warranty.

5. Box up and ship back the defective unit to Mytee Products, Inc. 215 Smith Road, Slocomb, Al 36375. After MYTEE PRODUCTS receives and inspects the tarp motor, a replacement motor will be sent out to you at no cost.

6. MANUFACTURERS GAURANTEE. Mytee Products, Inc. acknowledges that sometimes the manufacturing process yields defects and sometimes shipping causes damage. In the event that we do not catch a defective unit prior to shipping, or if an item is delivered in sub-par condition then we are committed to making sure that your experience with MYTEE PRODUCTS is one that you will brag about to other people.

7. After receiving your package, if a product is damaged due to shipping call your sales representative, explain that the product has been damaged and we will send you another unit out. Don't worry about the claim with FedEx. As long as the package is shipped on our account, we will handle all shipping claims. All we need is a few pictures outlining the damages.

8. If a product is damaged as a result of poor packaging and not a result of FedEx please take a few pictures showing the damage and text or email them to your sales representative. We are always looking for ways to serve our customers the best way possible. If you have any suggestions please feel free to make them at this time.

9. Within 30 days if a product defects due to faulty production then we are committed to fixing this as quickly as possible. We do our best to catch defective products prior to shipping but sometimes a cracked weld may happen to escape through the shipping warehouse. If this happens please call your sales representative, be prepared to provide pictures, and detailed information about how the product is defective. This process, while fast, still takes time because we thoroughly investigate all occurrences of defective products.