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Steel Frame Turnbuckle, Stub End

Steel Frame Turnbuckle, Stub End

4.59 USD

Turnbuckle Style: Stub End
Size: Wide Range
Working Load Limit (Lbs): 1200 lbs - 21,400 lbs

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    Self-Colored Drop forged Turnbuckles per Federal Specification FF-T-791b. Eye, Jaw and Hook fittings are heat treated. StubEnd Turnbuckles are self-colored. Ultimate load is 5 times the Working Load Limit. Turnbuckle, also known as Bottlescrew or Stretching Screw is a wire, rope, tie-rod or cable tensioning device. But Stub End Turn buckles in particular are used to Push Apart, generally not used to pull closer. Just like all other Turnbuckles, it consists of a Frame and two ends. The end fittings are quenched, tempered or normalized and smoothened stub bodies. The ends have threaded extensions that are coupled with the end grooves of the frame. Rotation of the central frame brings closer or sends further apart the ends thus tensioning or loosening the setup. Size is represented as Thread Thickness x Variation Window. E.g. 1/4" x 4" with Overall Closed Length at 8.1" means the turnbuckle Thread is 1/4" thick, can expend or contract a total of 4" and measures 8.1" in totally closed position, 12.1" in totally open position.


    TBSS Chart


    SKU WLL Size InStock lbs 1 Add To Cart
    TBSS386 1,200 lbs 3/8" x 6" Yes 0.75 $4.59 Add
    TBSS126 2,200 lbs 1/2" x 6" Yes 1.25 $6.67 Add
    TBSS586 3,500 lbs 5/8" x 6" Yes 2.11 $7.42 Add
    TBSS346 5,200 lbs 3/4" x 6" No 3.25 $13.50 Add
    TBSS349 5,200 lbs 3/4" x 9" Yes 3.82 $15.72 Add
    TBSS786 7,200 lbs 7/8" x 6" Yes 4.78 $13.75 Add
    TBSS16 10,000 lbs 1" x 6" No 6.36 $23.46 Add

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