Hot Forged Steel Stake


Baked on Enamel Paint
Size: Multiple Sizes Available
Hot Forged Steel, Machine Tipped Stake
Made in USA with 1040 High Carbon US Produced Steel
When used right, lasts a lifetime

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Hot Forged Steel Stake
Hot Forged Steel Stake Hot Forged Steel Stake Hot Forged Steel Stake
6.99 USD
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Cheap Aluminum Stakes cannot penetrate deep frozen surfaces, hard ground or pavement. To achieve that, Mytee Products is offering specialty stakes with machined tips hardened through hot forging of high quality US Made 1040 High Carbon Steel. Typically this type of stake is used for Tents, especially Party Tents, Camping Tents, Pop Up Tents, Sporting Activities and Scout Tents, but it is a versatile product and can be put to varied uses.
How many stakes to use, what size to use depends on wind load and the tent or inflatable that is being pegged. We suggest you follow your tent manufacturer's recommendations when finalizing this. But do consider buying more than your need as backup.
Mytee Products offers professional looking baked on enamel painted stakes in varied colors. Depending upon the occasion, you might select one that makes most sense e.g. Yellow or Orange for high visibility if pedestrian traffic is expected to be high near the stakes, green if you want stakes to blend with grass, white if it is aesthetically a better match with the white tent.




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HFSS5812R 5/8" x 12" Red No 1.1 $6.99
HFSS5812R-M 5/8" x 12" Red - Military No 1.1 $9.99
HFSS5812O 5/8" x 12" Orange No 1.1 $6.99
HFSS5812Y 5/8" x 12" Yellow Yes 1.1 $6.99
HFSS5818O 5/8" x 18" Orange Yes 1.6 $8.99
HFSS5818Y 5/8" x 18" Yellow No 1.6 $8.99
HFSS5824O 5/8" x 24" Orange No 2.2 $9.99
HFSS5824Y 5/8" x 24" Yellow No 2.2 $8.99