Mesh Tarps and Shade Tarp

Our mesh tarps are specially designed with high-quality grommets for ample tie-down anchor points like our other tarps. All of our mesh shade tarps are unique because of their breathable design. Mesh sun tarps allow air to pass through while covering and protecting objects from debris and leaves.

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  1. Heavy-Duty 50% Shade Multi Mesh Tarp With Grommets
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Primary Uses of Mesh Tarps

Mesh tarps are sometimes called shade tarps or fence tarps. Mytee Products' heavy-duty mesh tarps are perfect for residential, commercial, and agricultural project use. You can commonly use it for landscaping, while home and garden development, as privacy and windshields on patios and porches. Also well-suited for protecting greenhouses, nurseries, gardens, and livestock from the intense, hot summer sun. If you find yourself in need of shade and protection, our mesh shade tarps have you covered!

Mesh tarps are also used to store equipment or carry loads that need to breathe as much as possible. This includes storing living, breathing animals, transporting garbage on a dump trailer in a way that prevents fumes from building up, and covering any load or piece of equipment that doesn’t need total protection from rain or snow.

Buying Benefits of Mytee Products’ Mesh Tarps

You will get plenty of benefits when you buy your mesh tarps and shade tarps from us.

  • Variety: We offer mesh tarps made from five different materials like Knitted Mesh, Polyethylene Mesh, PVC Coated, etc in 42 different sizes. 
  • Durability: Our tarps have solid brass grommets and the hems of our black mesh tarps and bee tarps are reinforced with thick polyester webbing, to prevent deterioration and make your tarp last longer.
  • Lightweight Options: Our lightest mesh weave tarps weigh less than 10 lbs. You have a range of lightweight and medium-weight options at your convenience.
  • Breathability: Fence tarps are more porous and breathable than any other type of tarp cover.

Versatile Applications of Our Mesh Shade Tarps

Mesh tarps are best suited to use outside. Sometimes mesh tarps are called fence tarps, shade tarps, bee nets, nursery tarps, scaffolding mesh, dump trailer tarps, or sun tarps. Each of those names describes a different use for the same product.

  • Use As Sun Shade Tarps: Use a mesh tarp to create a cooler, shady outdoor space, designed to protect people from the sun’s glare while letting a breeze pass through the mesh.
  • Use As Bee Net: You can use a mesh tarp as a bee net to transport live bees in hives. Mesh tarps let bees breathe while protecting them from the elements. At Mytee Products, we have four types of bee-hauling tarps to meet your needs.
  • Use As Nursery Tarps: Mesh tarps are called nursery tarps when they’re used to transport plants and trees.
  • Use As Scaffolding Mesh: Scaffolding mesh is a way of using mesh tarps in construction sites, to protect buildings and interior structures from dust and debris at the site.
  • Use As Dump Trailer Tarps: Dump trailer tarps are used by waste management truck drivers to haul garbage. These mesh tarps are also sometimes used to haul sod or transport plants and trees.

Mesh Tarps Options at Mytee Products

Mesh tarps options in the following colors:

Mesh tarps options in the following Sizes:

  • Our smallest is a 7’ x 15’ PVC mesh tarp with two pockets.
  • Our 50’ x 50’ black mesh shade tarp is our largest mesh tarp product.
  • You can also get plenty of moderately-sized tarps, including 10’ x 12’ shade green mesh tarps.
  • 20’ x 20’ shade black mesh tarps.
  • 10’ x 20’ multi-colored tarps.

If you require other sizes, we’ve still got you covered! At Mytee Products, we’re proud to make mesh tarps in any custom size you might need. To place an order or ask any questions, email us at [email protected] or call us at 888-705-8277.