Wide Load Signs & Accessories

There are times when flatbed trucking means hauling a load that is oversized – whether it is extra tall, extra wide, or both. Hauling such loads requires taking extra precautions to ensure everyone on the road stays safe. It means using wide load signs, oversize load banners, wide load flags, lights, and accessories to get the attention of other drivers. As every experienced flatbed trucker knows, these extra precautions are not just good suggestions for better safety – they are also required by law.

Whether you haul oversized loads on a regular basis or just occasionally, you cannot afford to not have the supplies you need on hand. You can stock up on those supplies here at Mytee Products. We carry everything you need including wide load signs, oversize load banners, flags, lights, and heavy duty magnetic flag holders. Before you even think about hauling your next oversized load, make sure you have everything you need to do it safely and legally.

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11 Items

  1. EZ Mount 18" x 18" Jersey Mesh Safety Flag DOT Compliant
  2. Vinyl Mesh Flag with Grommets 18" x 18" DOT Compliant
  3. Vinyl Mesh Flag with Rubber Bungees 18" x 18" DOT Compliant
  4. Safety Flag w/ Rubber Bungee and Jersey Mesh Construction - 18" x 18"
  5. 18" x 18" Jersey Mesh Safety Flag for Mounting Kit, Replacement Flags - Red
    As low as $4.49
  6. Vinyl Mesh Flag with Wire Loop 18" x 18" DOT Compliant
  7. Magnetic Flag Holder
  8. 84"x18" Mesh Oversize Load Banner, 6 Grommets, 4 Ropes
  9. Reversible Wide Load/Oversize Load 18" x 84"
    As low as $11.99
  10. OVERSIZE LOAD Mesh Banner with Bungee Cords
  11. Star Warning System Class 2 Beacon - Made in USA
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What is a Wide Load Sign?

A wide load sign is a yellow mesh banner with black lettering that indicates that the cargo on a flatbed trailer is wider (or longer) than the limits set by the Department of Transportation. When hauling an oversize load, you need a special hauling permit issued by the state DOT.

Requirement of Wide Load Signs

Department of Transportation regulations differ from state to state. For many states, oversize load signs and special hauling permits are required if your load is wider than 8’6” or longer than 28’6”.

The Federal Highway Administration maintains a directory with up-to-date load-limit requirements by state and contact information so you can get the relevant state permits.


  • In addition to a wide load banner, drivers hauling oversize loads must also use “red-orange safety flags” and, in some circumstances, pilot cars, to communicate to other drivers on the highway that their load exceeds the length or width of their trailer.
  • As with permits, the particular mandates vary from state to state. However, every state mandates both oversize load banners and red-orange safety flags when hauling an oversize load, and a pilot escort car in certain circumstances—for instance, if a load is 12’ wide or wider.

Usage of a Wide Load Sign?

Oversize load banners should be attached at the front and rear of the truck. They can be secured to the anchor points on the trailer itself using bungees or rope run through grommets.

Some wide load banners use heavy-duty magnets so you can easily attach them to the front of your cab or the frame of your trailer.

You must attach the red-orange safety flags to the load itself, at the edges of your cargo. Depending on how long or wide your haul actually is, you’ll need to secure one to four safety flags to the extreme points of the load (the widest and longest points).

Red-Orange Safety Flages:

The red-orange safety flags have different attachment options, including:

           - Wire loops
           - Rubber bungees
           - Grommets
           - Spring-loaded steel mounts
           - Wooden dowels to set inside flag-holders

Types of Wide-Load Signs and Accessories?


  • At Mytee, we’re committed to supplying you with affordable, high-quality wide load signs and accessories.
  • Our oversize-load banners are made with uv resistant mesh, use water-resistant ink, and have reinforced hems for extra durability.
  • Our flags and banners come in a range of size options, so you can find the one that covers your load.
  • In addition to banners and flags, we offer affordable beacon and LED lights, so you can meet DOT regulations for pilot cars and for travelling through construction zones.

Finally, our load height measuring stick ensures that your load will never exceed the federally mandated maximum height of 13’ 6” and can safely drive under bridges.