Chains, Chain Binder and Ratchet Load Binders

Your cargo securement isn’t complete without the use of transport chains, hooks, and chain binders. Often major staples in the trucking industry, these securement tools have the necessary strength needed to secure and safely haul your extreme loads. 

At Mytee Products, we have several high-quality load chains binders, and hooks in our inventory that’ll make your transport more efficient. Having served hundreds of satisfied customers and being a leading supplier in the e-commerce trucking industry, our cargo control products come with the guarantee that they’ll make your job easier.

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  1. G70 Safety Chains w/ Clevis Slip Hook & Chain Retainer
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About Our Flatbed Chains, Hooks & Chain Binders

Every trucker should have the opportunity to haul their cargo safely. The best way to do so is by using our huge inventory of chains, hooks, and chain binders for your flatbed and tow trucks. 

With our tie-down chains, it’s all about strength. They come in the stronger grades of G70, G80, G100 and G120. Our transport chains are made of durable carbon steel that’s designed to secure your extreme cargo. Despite the fact that they boast tons of strength, you should keep in mind that a chain’s WLL is only 1/3rd of its breaking strength. Refer to the chart from NACM that shows every WLL of a G70 chain.

Grade 70 Transport chain WLL table by NACM Chain

We also offer a wide range of hooks to go with your flatbed chains and binders. At Mytee Products, we sell everything from Pelican Hooks to Chain Link Double Clevis and Grab Hooks, making your job easier. Made from the same material as our logging chains, with a gold chromate finish, they’re designed to combat any early signs of rust and corrosion. More importantly, they have a long-lasting quality that our competitors can’t compete with.  

The Chain Binders we have in stock are also made with a superior level of craftsmanship. Coming from trusted distributors like Peerless, Pewag, Columbus McKinnon, and Durabilt, our load chains and binders are guaranteed to protect and secure your load. They come in all different configurations and offer neat features that truckers will love. We sell a Ratchet tie-down Binder, a Moveable Handle Recoilless Binder, and Lever styles. Some come equipped with a removable handle while others have an easy grip. 

At the end of the day, Mytee Products has everything you need.

Types & Uses of Truck Chains

We have G70, G80, G100, and G120 truck chains that boast tons of strength and durability. Most importantly, they can handle any load you throw at them, including hay bales and Skid Teers. They can even be used in conjunction with several different hooks.

The Different Types of Chains

Let’s take a closer look at our transport chain inventory:

Grade 70 Chains

One of our most popular styles, the G70 chains are a strong and versatile option for transporting your cargo. They’re often used for towing, lashing, securing loads of steel, and hauling lumber. They come in a yellow chromate finish that’s pretty much invincible against any type of environmental threat. Even better, our lashing chains can be paired with several different types of end fittings, including Clevis Hooks and Clevis Slip Hooks. We have various thicknesses of chains 5/16, ⅜,  ½, and ¼ that work well in transport.

Grade 70 chain used with load binders & heavy loads
Grade 80 Chains used with Clevis hook & Heavy load

Grade 80 Chains

The G80 chains are quickly gaining traction in the trucking industry, due to their extraordinarily higher WLL of 4,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs. They can pretty much help secure any large piece of cargo. Also, they’re compatible with many hooks. For example, a G80 3/8 Chain is compatible with a G80 ⅜ Clevis Grab hook with pins. These heat-treated, alloy chains are perfect for situations involving rigging, mining, and even vehicle recovery.

Grade 100 Chains

Our G100 Chains are full of strength, as they have WLL ranging from 5700 lbs to 15000 lbs. They’re vastly taking over the trucking industry and putting lower-grade chains to shame. They offer a 25% higher WLL than your average G80 tie-down chains. It’s no wonder they’re becoming so popular these days. You’ll find these logging chains being used on flatbeds, tractors, and trailer trucks everywhere.

Grade 100 Chains used with Heavy loads
Grade 120 Chains close view

Grade 120 Chains

Lastly, comes Mytee Products’ G120 chains. They are one of the strongest transport chains on the market, with a WLL that’s 50% higher than G80 and G70 chains. It’s even 20% higher than the G100 chains. These logging chains come in a bright blue finish and use square links that create good friction between them and various surfaces. This removes unnecessary tension on the chain. G120 chains can be used for construction work, overhead lifting, rigging, and towing as well. Three-eighths and ½" grab hooks work in harmony with this logging chain.

They Can Be Used In Different Job Settings

Securing your cargo can be done in several ways, but nothing gets the job done faster than tie down chains. Their carbon steel construction makes them a lot more durable than the polyester webbing from a ratchet strap. While a strap is susceptible to scratches or tears from sharp edges, a transport chain won’t have any issues. Even better, using logging chains means you won’t have to waste time securing your heavy cargo with several other tie downs. Additionally, our logging chains are ideal to use for rigging, towing vehicles, and some overhead lifting situations.  

Lashing chains can also replace your straps and bungee cords, helping to tie-down your equipment more efficiently. They’re great at helping to secure a variety of loads over your truck’s trailer such as logs, hay bales, and military containers for transport.

Check Out Our Chain Hooks

On any delivery job, you’ll almost always see a transport chain paired with its hook fittings. A logging chain can secure your load, but the hook adds another layer of security. As previously mentioned, Mytee Products offers a wide assortment of chain hooks that can make your cargo all the safer during transport.

The Types of Chain Hooks

We carry everything from grab hooks and slip hooks to even Clevis Hook connectors. These hooks are compatible with our transport chain, including sizes 5/16 and 1/2 inches, and with WLL capabilities reaching up to 12,000 lbs. Have a look at our inventory of hooks:

Types of Chain Hooks by Mytee Products

  • Clevis Grab Hook: A very common end fitting found on transport chains, this hook’s shallow throat opening allows for easy and secure connections. It comes in a wide range of colors, such as red, with a gold chromate finish.

  • Choker Hook: On the other hand, this style of hook makes it easy to remove a chain sling from a load. 

  • Chain Link Double Clevis: These unique hooks are used to repair damaged chains and act as an attachment point for different chain fittings. 

  • Hook With Latches: Our next hook comes with a safety latch feature that’ll prevent the transport chain from releasing too soon when removed. Its wider throat makes it easy to secure. Even better, it can be attached to a D-ring attachment on your trailer. 

  • Clevis Slip Hooks: The Slip Hooks have a wider throat than the Clevis Grab Hook and can be attached to a sling. 

  • Forged G70 Weld on Towing Hook: Our G70 Towing Hook can be welded onto your truck’s frame and help you complete a towing job more efficiently. Keep in mind that they’re slightly heavier than other styles. 

  • Anchor Hook: These hooks make overhead lifting feel like a breeze. They can be attached to anything from a transport chain, wire rope and web slings. The Anchor Hooks also come in several different colors, the main one being yellow. 

  • Light Duty Forged Tow Hook: This Light-Duty, tow hook style is often used with G70 transport chains and can be attached with a towing sling. They have a 10,000 lbs max loading capacity and feature a neat two-bolt pattern that can be bolted onto any truck’s frame. 

  • Pelican Hooks: Our Pelican Hook is an accessory that features a hinged link that can be either secured or released from under your cargo.

Mytee Products’ Chains Binders

A tool that’s often used in conjunction with your heavy-duty chains and hooks are chain boomers, better known as Load Chain Binders. These rigging devices are made out of industrial steel that helps them secure heavy to extreme loads over your flatbed truck. You can’t transport your materials without a good Chain Load Binder on hand. Chain Binders are constructed out of forged steel, feature several end fittings, and come in several different configurations. Even better, our lashing binders are manufactured by several leading companies.

The Inner Workings Of Our Load Binders

Apart from their sturdy construction, a load binder’s prowls, cams, and safety handles also make them capable of supporting your materials. Check out the chain binders we currently have for sale:

Ratchet load binder front view by Mytee Products Lever Binders at Mytee Products Recoilless Lever Binders at Mytee Products
Ratchet Load Binders Lever Binders Recoilless Lever Binders
This type of binding style uses a ratcheting mechanism that helps add tension over your chains, all while securing your loads. Ratchet Style Chain Binders take very little effort and the components prevent any unnecessary tension build-up from forming over the handle. On the other hand, a Lever Binder uses leverage to tighten and lock your chains in place at a 180-degree angle. They’ll make your loading and unloading procedures go by in a flash. Beware though, Lever Binders have a tendency to snap back on you and are often regarded as dangerous. Fortunately, this style doesn’t have any of that whip-lash action the Lever Binders do. Similar to a Ratchet Binder, it allows you to release the binder tension without any snap back. Furthermore, the center body of the binder can rotate freely, apart from the handle, and releases tension throughout.

The Chain Binder’s Features

Furthermore, our Chain Binders offer a number of features, such as an Easy Grip and using various end fittings simultaneously, that make it capable of handling any job. Let’s see what makes our chain binders so unique:

  • Extreme: Our extreme ratchet binder styles can support loads anywhere from a WLL of 7,100 lbs to 12,000 lbs. These ratcheting chain binders with chain has an open body design that allows you to easily get rid of any grime, dirt, or snow collected over it. You can use it to do anything from towing a RAM truck to securing materials on your agricultural equipment. 

  • Pro Heavy Duty: On the other hand, our Pro Chain Binder Ratchet styles feature two Grab Hooks and have a breaking strength of 24,850 lbs - 45,000 lbs. They’re capable of hauling or transporting various types of loads, including your construction machinery.  

  • The EZ Binders: Our EZ Ratchet Chain Binder comes with a free-wheel function, swivel grab hooks, and an anti-slip handle. It only has WLL ranging from 2,500 lbs to 6,600 lbs but it can handle your extreme cargo without any problems. 

  • A Snap Binder with Spring: Next on our list, comes the Durabilt Lever Binders with a Compression Spring that have working load limits ranging from 6,600 lbs to 9,200 lbs. These snap binders are great for securing steel, poles, lumber, and pipes. 

  • A Load Binder With Removable Handle: Our Removable Handle Ratchet Binder fits perfectly with 5/16 or ⅜" chain sizes. As the name suggests, it has a removable handle that makes it impossible for thieves to steal your materials. More importantly, the chain binder’s handle can manage several chain boomers at one time. 

  • The Steamboat Ratchet Binder: This chain boomer features a 24" barrel, a portable barge-coupler, and has a minimum breaking strength of 90,000 lbs. The Steamboat Ratchet Binders can certainly handle your extreme cargo with no problems. 

  • A Binder With Different Hook Fittings: Let’s say you’re in the market for a chain binder that’s a bit more versatile. Some of our lashing binders feature different hook fittings such as sling hooks, grab hooks, and even G80 chain extensions, all at the same time. These binders will make your extreme cargo feel more secure. 

  • Load Binders With G70-G120 Chains: These heavy-duty ratchet chain binders have a WLL of 8,800 lbs to 18,100 lbs, can fit chain sizes 5/16" - 5/8", and are waterproof. This chain binder’s ratchet system isn’t ideal for overhead lifting but it can still support your heavy cargo, all while using less equipment.

Our Load Binders By Leading Name Brands

As mentioned before, our chain binders are made by some of the greatest manufacturers in the USA. Here are some of the best brand names we know and own:

  • The Peerless Quick Binder: Made by the Minnesota-based company Peerless, these binders come with unlimited perks. They’re easy to install from three different positions, have a foldable handle, and can easily be stored away. Not to mention, much of Peerless’s chain load binders feature a special hook construction that supports the load of the chain, without any type of binding.

  • Durabilt’s Binders: Durabilt’s Folding Handle Ratchet Binder also comes from 100 years' worth of expertise in the trucking industry. This Illinois-based company built its chain load binders for the US Army to use during WWII. It has WLL ranging from 8,800 lbs to 12,000 lbs. 

  • Pewag’s Ratchet Chain Load Binders: Another Illinois-based wholesaler, Pewag is expanding its reach across the country with its endless line of hoist, tire, and lifting chains. Pewag’s heavy-duty G120 Ratchet Chain Load Binder boasts strength, as it comes with a WLL of 10,600 lbs. They were the first manufacturer to introduce the G120 chains.

  • The Columbus Mckinnon Binder: Columbus Mckinnon’s E-Z Pro Cam Release Recoilless Lever Binder also comes with a wealth of benefits. Unlike most Lever Binders, this style features a safety cam. It can also rotate freely at 360 degrees. The North Carolina-based company made a one-of-a-kind snap binder.

Knowing When To Use Chain Binders

When it comes to providing security for the materials you’re hauling, you have to make sure you know what trailers and loads your chain binders work best with. In general, flatbed truckers tend to carry everything from tree logs to vehicles. Whether you operate a Gooseneck Trailer, Lowboy Trailer, or Tow Truck, there’s a chain boomer and logging chain designed for every style. We have everything from G70 to G120 logging chains, Steamboat River Ratchet Binder with Pelican Hooks, Swaged Barrel Ratchet Chain Binders to the Durabilt Ratchet Binder.


Questions & Answers

What are the main types of chain binders?

Lever binders and Ratchet binders are the main types of binders you’ll find. The lever binder has two tension hooks that are connected to a lever that pulls the two ends toward each other. The ratchet binder features two hooks connected to a ratchet that gradually pulls them closer.

How much weight can a chain binder hold?

A typical chain binder can only support up to 5,400 lbs. At this rating, you’ll be able to tighten your 5/16" or 3/8" grade 70 chains and still meet the WLL of 6,600 lbs that a 3/8" chain is rated for. Ratcheting binders and Lever Binders have varying load capacities and working load limits that make them capable of hauling extreme loads.

How many chain binders do I need?

A chain binder creates a tension point using two heavy-duty chains. For each chain tie-down, only one chain binder should be used. The amount you need depends on the amount of chain tie-downs you’ll have.

How do I choose a chain size?

Choosing the best chain size for the job depends on your load’s weight, as well as how long and tall it is. Keep in mind that each chain size has both a different WLL and breaking strength.

How many chains does it take to secure a load?

For any load, you should always have at least four securement points. Using four chains provides optimal protection and securement of your cargo.

Which is stronger, a chain or a strap?

Both chains and straps are made pretty strong. The only question is which will be more beneficial to your job. Chains have higher working load limits but straps aren’t as harsh to use over your load.

What are chain binders made of?

Chain binders are made of high-strength carbon steel making securing large and heavy loads simple.

Which Grade Chain should I use?

Choosing the right transport chain can sometimes be challenging if you’re just getting your feet wet in the trucking business. There are tons of factors to consider, but the main ones are load type and the truck you’re operating. Using your chain boomers properly over your load could also ensure you’re following DOT regulations.