Steel Tarps

Steel Coils and steel related loads can be different from other types of loads in the way they need to be handled. We offer steel tarps for flatbeds that are specially made to meet the safety requirements for steel hauling professionals. Our heavy duty steel tarps are high quality, cost effective and reasonable. We carry a large variety in sizes to meet Drivers' needs for all occasions.

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The Difference between Steel Tarps and Lumber tarps

Steel tarps and lumber tarps are both typically made of heavy duty 18 oz vinyl, and they’re both used to cover loads on flatbed trucks.

Some steel tarps are made of lighter-weight materials, like our steel tarp made of 14oz vinyl and parachute fabric. These tarps are easier to fold, but they’re less resistant to cuts and tears from getting caught on the steel. So, it’s good to use corner and edge protectors when you’re using steel tarps with parachute fabric.

One key difference between steel tarps and lumber tarps is size. Steel tarps are smaller than lumber tarps. Steel is more dense than lumber is, so steel loads are shorter - That’s why 4’ drop tarps are the most typical size for steel tarps, while 8’ drop tarps are more typical for lumber tarps.

When to Use Steel Tarps?

Use steel tarps when you’re transporting stacked uncoiled steel.
If you’re transporting steel coils, use coils tarps.

How to Tie Down Steel Tarps?

To secure steel tarps, use the rows of D-rings on the tarp as anchor points for tarp straps. These straps can be bungees, polyester webbed tarp straps, or shock cords.

Make sure you’re using a cord or strap designed to be a tarp tie-down, rather than a ratchet strap, to secure your steel tarp.

Where to Get Tarps for Steel Coils?

You can get steel coil tarps here.