Machinery Tarps

Machinery loads do not always have to be covered in tarps. But when they do, irregular sizes and shapes can make tarping a nightmare. Mytee heavy duty machinery tarps are the solution. Machinery tarps come in a variety of sizes and configurations that make them ideal for your regular loads. The machinery tarps we sell are every bit as tough and durable as the rest of the tarps in our inventory.

Machinery tarps are made with 18-ounce heavy-duty vinyl. Each Mytee heavy duty machinery tarp is manufactured to the highest standards of quality to provide long life, durability, and more than adequate protection against weather and road debris. Tarp hems are reinforced with 2-inch webbing and double stitching; solid toothed brass grommets are clinched every 2 feet; two rows of D-rings are stitched in to the material.

These tarps are just what you need to cover machinery on flatbeds and step-decks. We offer a variety of sizes to meet just about any need, so take a look at our inventory to find just what you're looking for. And if we don't have what you want, just ask.

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11 Items

  1. Heavy Duty 18oz Steel Tarp 16' x 27' - Black
    Regular Price $205.00
    Special Price $189.99
  2. Airbag / Parachute Fabric Heavy Duty 14oz Steel Tarp
  3. Heavy Duty 18oz Machinery Tarp (Different Sizes Available)
  4. Heavy Duty 18oz Steel Tarp 24x18
  5. Super Light 14 Oz Steel Tarp 24x18
  6. Heavy Duty 18oz Steel Tarp 20x18
  7. Super Light 14 Oz Steel Tarp 28x18 - Black
    As low as $208.99
  8. Super Light 14 Oz Steel Tarp 16x18 - Blue
    As low as $137.49
  9. Superlight 14oz Steel Machinery Tarp 30' x 30'
    Regular Price $399.99
    Special Price $374.99
  10. Super Light 14 Oz Steel Tarp 20x18 - Black
    Regular Price $195.00
    Special Price $179.99
  11. Super Light 14 Oz Steel Tarp 16x18 - Black
    Regular Price $145.00
    Special Price $134.99
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What are Machinery Tarps?

Machinery tarps are heavy duty vinyl tarps, sometimes called steel tarps that make it easier to cover irregular or oddly-shaped loads you need to transport, like farm equipment or other machinery.

Why are Machinery Tarps Important?

It’s important to cover loads with flatbed truck tarps when you’re hauling them, to protect them from the weather, debris that flies up on the road and scratches from any chains or metal binding equipment you might use to secure the load.

  • Machinery tarps provide this essential function with the types of loads that can be difficult to completely cover, due to their shape.
  • The reason machinery tarps are also called steel tarps is because stacked steel causes some of the same trouble that machines do: they’ve got sharp edges and they’re an irregular shape.
  • Machinery tarps deal with this issue specifically.

When are Machinery Tarps Necessary?

Machinery tarps are necessary whenever you want to protect stacked steel loads and machines from damage due to weather, debris, and other potentially harmful elements.

What Types of Machinery Tarps are There?

Machinery tarps come in different sizes with different drops.

Also, some machinery tarps are made completely with 18 oz heavy duty vinyl, while other machinery tarps cover the tops of loads with 18 oz heavy duty vinyl while the sides of the tarp are made of lighter-weight parachute fabric.

How to Use Machinery Tarps?

  • Make sure you take care of your tarps and store them properly. That way, they’ll last as long as possible.
  • When tying the tarp down over the load, take advantage of the four rows of D-ring tie downs.
  • The fact that there are so many tie-down points’ means you can tie the tarp over the load incredibly precisely, without leaving open any gaps that might expose the cargo to damage.
  • Taking advantage of the tie-downs straps also means you can spread out the tension rather than over-relying on a single point of tension to hold down the cover.

What Qualities do Great Machinery Tarps Have?

Great 18oz heavy duty machinery tarps, like those at Mytee, have heat-sealed seams make the tarps 100% waterproof on top, galvanized D-rings that are zinc-plated to resist rust, and the option to choose airbag nylon fabric that’s made in the USA. These machinery tarps are strong, durable, and resilient.

What sets Mytee’s Machinery Tarps Apart?

  • Mytee sells our tarps directly to you, saving you money.
  • Our affordable tarps let you protect your machinery and get the job done for less.
  • It’s just one more way we’re helping you haul safe, earn more.