Lumber Tarps

Professional  Drivers are always concerned about keeping their loads fully protected from the elements.  They are responsible for delivering their loads to their destination safely and securely.  Mytee Products offers a wide range of flatbed tarps so you can choose what will fit your needs or loads best.  Do you need Heavy Duty, We have that..  Do you need Superlight, We have that too.   We have everything in between, that you may need to cover your loads.  

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Meaning of Lumber Tarps?

Lumber tarps are flatbed truck tarps made to cover cargo and protect it from the elements, including rain, snow, and any debris that might be on the road. Lumber tarps are typically made of vinyl, either 18 oz or 14 oz, and many have a drop-flap to cover the back of the load.

While there are many types of cargo covering tarps designed to accommodate specific types of loads (like bee hauling tarps, for instance), lumber tarps are popular because they can be used for a wide range of loads. They’re particularly helpful if you’re covering long or tall stacks or piles of some type of cargo, like stacks of wood.

Key Features of Lumber Tarps?

Lumber tarps have mainly four key features, which are described as below;

Heavy Duty Material:

Our lumber tarps are manufactured with heavy-duty vinyl with heat-sealed seams to completely waterproof a load.

Brass Grommets:

Brass grommets cinched every 2 feet for convenient attachment.

Three Rows of D-rings:

Three rows of D-rings per side for incredibly precise tie-downs. The D-rings are box stitched with protection flaps to mitigate any risk from bungee hooks

Light Weight:

We are using very lightweight, flexible fabric that doesn’t crack until the temperature hits -40 degrees Celsius.

Benefits of Lumber Tarps

One benefit of lumber tarps over steel tarps specifically is that lumber tarps are larger than steel tarps. Steel is more dense than lumber is, so steel loads are shorter - That’s why 4’ drop tarps are the most typical size for steel tarps, while 8’ drop tarps are more typical for lumber tarps.

Another benefit of lumber tarps is how adjustable they are. Sincere there are three rows of D-rings, the tarp can be heightened or shortened to cover different sizes of loads securely.

How to Use Lumber Tarps

The best way to make sure you’re using lumber tarps successfully is to get to know your tarp.

Learn which factors impact a lumber tarp’s quality rating (or tarp grade), fold and store your tarps properly, match you tarp with the right tie downs, and repair your tarps in a timely manner.

Take care on your lumber tarps and they’ll serve you for a long time. For more in-depth information on lumber tarp evaluation and maintenance, check out our lumber tarp guide.

Types of Lumber Tarps

Lumber tarps come in a variety of sizes. We also take orders for custom sizes! For a custom lumber tarp, contact us at: [email protected] OR Call us at 888-705-8277

Lumber tarps come in the following materials:

  • Ultra-light 14 oz vinyl
  • 14 oz vinyl and parachute fabric combination
  • Heavy-duty 18 oz vinyl

What Makes Mytee’s Lumber Tarps Better?

At Mytee, we sell directly to you. Since we don’t waste money on a middleman, we pass the savings on to you. That’s how Mytee’s tarps stay affordable without sacrificing quality.

  • Our lumber tarps are;
  • High quality,
  • Made of Great Materials and
  • Affordable

When you buy from Mytee, you can haul safe and earn more.