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Farmpro Heavy Rope, Tape or Wire

Farmpro Heavy Rope, Tape or Wire


Type: Rope, Tape or Wire
Thickness: 0.1 - 1.5 Inch Dia, 3 - 12 Strands
Material: Copper, Steel
Length: Variable

Availability: In stock


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    • There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the proper fence wire for your electric fence. Each type of wiring offers features and benefits better suited to specific circumstances. You can obtain fence wiring in a variety of materials, gauges, and lengths depending on your specific fence needs. 
    • Some types of wire are more resistant to the electrical current due to the diameter of the fence wire. For example, you will need a larger fence charger when energizing long distances of Polywire. 
    • Polywire, Polyrope and Polytape wire features a mixture of tinned copper conductors and stainless steel conductors, twisted in a special UV protected polyethylene weave. The strength of the stainless steel, along with the super conductivity of tinned copper results in high voltage along the entire length of your fence. 
    • Additionally, the height and size of your cows, cattle and other livestock will also have a determining factor in the wire used, the number of rows of wire contained in your fence, and the Power Wizard fence charger model that is installed. Visit the Power Wizard accessories page for complete details on fencing wire
    • FarmPro is a high quality product from the Agratronix corporation. The Rope, Wire and Tape are constructed with Super Conductive Wire (or Tape) with strands of Copper and Steel




    SKU Stylelbs1Add To Cart
    PR-1 Rope - 1/4 Inch 6 Strand 656 Feet10$47.10 Add
    PT-1 Tape - 1/2 Inch 5 Strand 656 Feet3$22.80 Add
    PT-2 Tape - 1/2 Inch 5 Strand 1312 Feet6.3$45.00 Add
    PT-3 Tape - 1.5 Inch 12 Strand 656 Feet7$56.40 Add
    PT-4 Tape - 1.5 Inch 12 Strand 1312 Feet13$110.40 Add
    PT-5 Tape - 1 Inch 8 Strand 328 Feet2.5$36.00 Add
    PT-6 Tape - 1 Inch 8 Strand 656 Feet5$34.20 Add
    PW-6 Wire - 0.1 Inch 3 Strand 275 ft0.44$5.10 Add
    PW-1 Wire - 0.1 Inch 3 Strand 656 ft2$9.59 Add
    PW-2 Wire - 0.1 Inch 3 Strand 1312 ft3$18.00 Add
    PW-3 Wire - 1/8 Inch 6 Strand 656 ft2$15.59 Add
    PW-4 Wire - 1/8 Inch 6 Strand 1312 ft5$30.00 Add
    PW-5 Wire - 1/8 Inch 6 Strand 2624 ft9$69.00 Add

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