Hay Tarps

After the multiple steps of harvesting are complete, bales are finally ready to be secured. Our hay tarps and hay bale covers for sale are one of the most cost effective ways to secure Hay.  The right tarp can properly secure hay bales from inclement weather, mildew and mold in order to avoid losses.

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  1. Heavy Duty Hay Tarps With Brass Grommets - 8Oz Polyethylene Fabric
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What are hay tarps?

Hay is a valuable commodity, but your hay crop can be damaged due to harsh weather conditions, heat, or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Hay tarps, also called hay bale covers, are a quick, low-cost alternative to storing your hay in a barn or shed, so you keep your hay safe for less.

What are the benefits of hay tarps?

Hay bale tarps keep your hay safe from:

  • Moisture:

    Most importantly, the waterproof covering protects your hay from damage from snow, storms, and other severe weather.
  • Bad weather:

    The average alfalfa farmer loses 10%-25% of their hay harvest every season due to different kinds of damage. But hay tarps can empower you to be above-average! Also helps the farmers to sell hay by weight.
  • Ultra-violet sun damage:

    Our hay bale tarps are treated with sun blocking technology to protect your crops from UV radiation. If you maintain them well, hay tarps can be used for up to five seasons.

Where can I use hay tarps?

You can use hay tarps anywhere you want to store hay.

Hay bale tarps also come in a variety of sizes, so you can protect smaller bales of hay that are easier to move from place to place, and larger, stationary haystacks. Our range of tarps means we’re equipped to accommodate both square and round bales in a variety of configurations.

Hay tarps let you store hay outdoors no matter the weather, no barn or shed is necessary. These tarps can be a good storage option for you

What are my hay tarp options?

All of the hay bale tarps for sale are meet our high-quality standards, including:

  • Waterproof :

    Mytee hay tarps are completely waterproof and moisture resistance.
  • Heat-absorbing:

    These tarps are built in such a way that they absorb heat.
  • UV-ray reflective:

    The material used in for manufacturing hay tarps keep them UV-rays reflective.
  • Heavy Duty:

    Our hay tarps are 14.5 Mill thick with 1600 Denier thread.
  • Durable:

    These hems are reinforced with double-stitched 2” webbing.
  • Strong:

    Our solid-brass grommets are reinforced every 2’


Various colors and sizes

We offer a selection of the best hay tarps, available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Available Colors:

  • Black: 

    The black color inside this hay tarp absorbs the heat.
  • Silver: 

    Silver color outside the tarp reflects the light.

Our silver hay tarps are treated with UV protection.

Available Sizes:

We have round bale hay tarps and small tarps that can be layered to accommodate different sizes of haystacks.

There are various sizes available for hay tarps.

  • We've got 18 different tarp sizes currently in stock.
  • Our smallest tarps are 15' long x 27' wide.
  • Our largest tarps cover an area of 45' x 54'.

If we don't have the size you need, contact us! We can make you custom hay tarp that meets your specifications exactly.

High-quality tarps for less

At Mytee Products, we sell high-quality tarps for less than the competition. Our silver-topped tarps reflect sunlight to keep your hay cool, while the 8-oz polyethylene material is looped lengthwise so you can secure it closely. Also, there is spiral anchor pin available which is used to secure hay covers.

Contact us to place an order for a custom hay tarp or to ask further questions email us at [email protected] or feel free to call us on our toll-free number: 888-705-8277