What Are Trailer Tarps & How To Use Tarps For Trucks

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What is a tarp?

Tarps basically have a large and heavy blanket type structure and have multiple uses. Trailer tarps are usually made of water resistant material with grommets or D rings attached at the perimeter so that the tarp can be firmly tied down with the truck bed. Tarps are used by the truckers to secure heavy loads on the trailers and other heavy vehicles and also to protect the material from the external environment.

Main function of the truck tarp is to protect the cargo from getting damaged while in transit. It is also used as a safety measure to ensure that the items do not fly or fall from the truck and cause unnecessary trouble to other drivers on the road. Heavy vehicles have insurance policies that lessen the liabilities of the claims, as there are thousands of windshields and frontend repair claims every year caused by items flying from the trucks.

There are different types of tarps available in market, like poly tarps, canvas tarps, mesh tarps, vinyl tarps and many more. Different tarps are used to cover different materials; mesh tarps can be used to cover loose items like gravel and sand, while heavy duty vinyl tarps can be used to cover materials that need strong protection against harsh weather conditions.

How to use tarps for trucks?

It is necessary to use tarps for trucks while heavy duty cargo is being hauled over a long distance. Tarps protect your cargo from water, UV rays and road grime. The following are the steps to cover the cargo using a tarp:

  • Place a tarp at the rear end of the cargo then unroll it to the middle of the cargo load. Now unfold the tarp so that the sides are covered properly. Check that the sides are evenly draped with the trap at the rear end of the cargo.
  • Now place the front tarp at the front end of the cargo and repeat the procedure of unrolling and unfolding the tarp towards the rear end of the cargo. A front tarp will overlap the rear tarp up to 6 feet if the trailer is fully loaded.
  • Use bungee straps or ratchet straps to tie down the cargo with the trailer. Hook one end of the straps around the trailer to all the D-rings. The other ends of straps are be hooked to the side rail of the trailer. Tuck the excess trap under the chords or straps to avoid wind whip.

If the trailer taps are appropriately used to secure the cargo many mishaps and damage caused to other vehicles on the roads can be avoided. It is important for the truck driver to understand which type of tarp is to be used to cover which type of material and he should also know how to tie down the tarps on the trailer so that the goods are secured and other drivers are safe.

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