Why Truckers Choose Durabilt Binder Product over Other Load Binder Product

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When flatbed loads require chains for cargo protection, binders become a necessary piece of equipment to have on board. Binders make it possible to tighten chains down with the appropriate amount of force. In light of that, Mytee is proud to announce that we have added a selection of four binder products from Durabilt to our inventory.

We carry Durabilt because we believe it is a brand name you can trust. Durabilt products are built to last yet still affordably priced for truckers. Our inventory now includes the following four products:

A. Durabilt Folding Handle Ratchet Binder

B. Durabilt Ratchet Binder

C. Durabilt Removable Handle Binder

D. Durabilt Recoilless Lever Binder.Chain binders

Different Binders for Different Applications

The binders used by truckers are known both as chain and load binders. They are used as chain tensioners to secure cargo to flatbed trailers prior to transport. Whenever chains are used for securing a load, tensioning them with a binder is required.

There are two primary types of binders that truckers use:

1. Ratchet Binders

This kind of ratchet binders is designed with a ratchet handle and two opposing hooks that create tension on the chain as the ratchet handle is moved back and forth. It is the easier of the two to use.

2. Lever Binders

The lever binder utilizes tension hooks on either end to tighten chains using leverage. Lever binders are used when more strength is needed to secure a load, but they also require more work from the driver to deploy correctly.

Both kinds of binders are sold according to the size of chain they will be used with. For example, the Durabilt Folding Handle Ratchet Binder we now carry can be purchased in two sizes: 5/16 to 3/8 inches or 3/8 to 1/2 inch. The standard Durabilt Ratchet Binder offers an additional size of 1/2 to 5/8 inches.

It is generally recommended that, truckers carry multiple sizes on board commensurate with the chains they use. Of course, chain sizes also differ depending on the kinds of loads the trucker normally hauls. Truckers who do not want to invest in multiple sizes may choose to go with the largest chains and binders they will use most often.

The most important consideration when purchasing binders, is to make sure that both, the binders as well as the chains they will be used with, are rated equally. For example, a chain rated as grade 70 transport chain must be paired with an appropriate binder to maintain integrity. A binder with a lower rating becomes the weakest link in the setup, and could potentially compromise the protection of the load..

Choosing the Binder for You

Mytee has chosen to carry four binder products from Durabilt because we know that preferences vary between truckers. Each truck driver must determine for him/herself what products are the best. For many, however, it comes down to speed. Truckers spend a lot of time securing loads; this is time for which they may or may not get paid. Those who do not get paid for cargo control and protection don’t want to spend more time on it than necessary. They want the wheels turning and the miles accumulating.

Some drivers may find the folding handle ratchet binder to be the fastest and easiest one to use. Others prefer a binder with a removable handle. The only downside to the second choice is the ever-present risk of losing a handle.


At any rate, we are proud to offer the new selection of binder products from Durabilt to our customers. Feel free to browse our entire inventory for everything you need as a trucker.

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