Tow Truckers Guide to Auto Hauling

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to work with Jerome Brown of Wolf Pack Towing on a series of videos that showcased several products related to towing. What came out of that was this extensive guide to towing, whether it was your first time or you’ve been doing it for a while. Jerome showed off several products and gave us many helpful tips and tricks to using them from getting the vehicle hooked up to getting it secured on the truck bed. Here’s what we went over.

Auto Hauling

1. V-Bridle Straps with J-Hooks

The first product we showcased was our V-Bridle straps with J-Hooks. These straps are durable and built to protect vehicles from damage while in tow. Just as strong as their chain counterparts, but easier to work with and softer. These towing straps have less risk of damaging or scratching your vehicles during towing and transportation. Though if you’ve never used them before, they can still cause a fair amount of damage if you hook them on the wrong part.

2. V-Chain Bridle with J-Hooks

In line with products that help get the vehicle on the bed, the next one to show off was our V-Chain Bridle with J-Hooks, and mini J and T-Hooks. This bridle is designed for safe, easy, and efficient load lifting and has a load limit of 4,700 lbs. Commonly used for transport, towing, and recovery, our G70 chains are durable and protected in all types of weather conditions. Compared to the V-Bridle Strap, this chain offers versatility while also sacrificing the softness of a strap.

3. V-Bridle Axle Strap with Cordura Sleeves

The last bridle we showcased before getting the truck on the bed was our V-Bridle Axle Strap. A safer and more efficient alternative to the previous V-Bridles, this Axle strap is perfect for towing foreign vehicles. With a working load limit of 4,700 lbs and high visibility green coloring, you can’t go wrong with this strap. Now that we’ve showcased all the bridles, it was time to get it on the bed. Though, we needed some additional help getting it up there.

4. Interlocking Tire Skates

Usually, if a vehicle is beyond repair, or if an axle is locked up, it may need some assistance to get up on the truck. Luckily, we have you covered with interlocking tire skates that can latch onto one another allowing you to use them on any size wheel. These skates also have grooves on them to make grip on the tire much easier, though sometimes the environment you’re working in can cause some unneeded resistance.

5. Axle Strap with Floating D-Ring

If you’re worried about damaging your vehicle while towing, your safest bet is going with an Axle Strap. This axle strap features a floating D-ring to adjust the strap to the right length you need, snap hooks that latch onto any D-ring tie-down point you have, and a Cordura sleeve to keep the axle free from scratches and damage.

6. HI VIZ Green Lasso Strap

For something simple yet very effective in tie-downs, this lasso strap is the best way to go. It features HI VIZ green webbing making it super visible in the daytime and nighttime, a working load limit of 3,333lbs, a Cordura sleeve for rim protection, and an O-ring. This strap goes through the rim and around the outside of the tires, though if you’re not careful with how you pull it tight, you might cause some undue damage.

7. 8 Point Roll Back Tie Down Systems

Lastly, we went over one of our best and most extensive tie-downs, the 8 Point Roll Back kits. Kits are top quality and top-of-the-line. Each kit includes four ratchets, four straps, and four bones for each tire on the vehicle. These kits can come with different end fittings to best suit your needs. If your truck doesn’t have the right equipment to handle one type, we have more kits available with the end fitting that’s right for you. Jerome also gave some helpful tips for when you’re ready to get going.

We had a blast making this series, and we couldn’t have done it without the help from Paul Dawson of Metro Wrecker Service in Cleveland Ohio.
We greatly appreciate him for letting us use his tow truck for the demonstrations, and hopefully, all tow truckers out there, new and experienced, learned something or found it very enjoyable! What we showed off in these videos however are just a handful of the towing equipment we carry. We carry items from chocks to blocks and lights to shackles. We also have a great assortment of accessories to choose from, so don’t hesitate to check them out!