Truck Tie Down – Important Five Things to Consider Before Buying

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Tie-downs are very important when it comes to securing the cargo in your truck. Neglecting their importance only leads to disasters and legal problems! With the rise in the number of truck accidents, the demand for truck tie-down straps has started going up. So, if you are about to purchase a tie-down, here’s what you need to look at.

truck tie-down

Things to Consider Before Buying Truck Tie Down

There are various aspects that affects the truck tie down. Here we have tried to explain some of them. Followings are some important things that needs to be considered before buying truck tie down.

1. Check Out the Working Load Limit

Truck tie-down components such as ratchet straps, ropes, and buckles have a specific weighing capacity. For instance, a ratchet tie down might be rated to handle 16,200 lbs but never judge a tie-down based on its capacity rating. Instead, consider the working load limit which in this case would be 5400 lbs (1/3 of the capacity rating). While tying your cargo using a ratchet tie-down, the weight should not exceed 5400 lbs unless you want to use another tie-down.

2. Easy & Quick Installation

Buy tie-downs that take less than a minute to install. Drilling is no longer necessary as most of the tie-downs, now, can be quickly installed in the stake pocket of your truck. For instance, ratchets and cam buckles allow one to tighten straps without tying knots. If you are frequently involved in unloading the cargo without any help, go for cam buckles. You can use these with one hand!

3. Buy Highly Durable Tie-downs

Never compromise on the quality of truck tie-downs even if it means shelling out extra bucks. Remember, the life of your fellow drivers is more important than money. Go for tie-downs that resist elements and offer unmatched protection. Stainless steel tie-downs are a great choice for the ultimate protection of your cargo as these are suited for all kinds of weather conditions.

4. Understand the Needs to Buy the Right Tie-down

Besides considering the above points, it’s equally important to pay attention to what exactly you require from a truck tie-down. Figure out your needs properly. For example, if you are carrying heavy objects, go for ratchets. These are considered to be excellent for moving recreational vehicles, lumber, and similar other objects. Go for cam buckles if you are dealing with lawn mowers, furniture, and grills.

5. Know the Features

Before making the final call, thoroughly check the features of tie-downs. For instance, self-locking straps are meant for automatic security. Tie-downs featuring rings help you connect hooks for easy loading and unloading cargo. On the other hand, there are tie-downs with rings that need to be pushed down to protect straps and ropes.

Tie-downs are immensely crucial if you want to carry the cargo from one destination to another in a secure manner without causing damage to life & property. Buy one today to avoid getting into legal trouble!

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