Important Things To Know About Warning Flags & Oversize Load Signs

Important Things to Know About Warning Flags & Oversize Load Signs

No matter trucker haul heavy or oversized load occasionally or on a regular basis, but they must carry oversize load signs with them. Mytee products offers everything that any flatbed trucker need to mark their oversized load.

Requirements of Oversize Load Safety Accessories

Many flatbed truckers must transport an oversized load from time to time. Whether it be industrial equipment, a constructed home, or large materials, all are typically considered oversized. To transport such an oversized load trucker must give visual cue with oversize load signs

“An oversized load is any load that exceeds the standard size legally permitted on a roadway.”

Flatbed truckers transporting oversized loads must take several safety precautions before hitting the road. These precautions are set in place to protect the flatbed driver, others on the roadway, and the haul itself. Signage and visual cues or wide load signs are legally required on oversized loads to make other drivers aware and alert. Each state has different signage requirements for oversized loads, and some will allow drivers to adhere by the requirements of the state the truck originated in. However, drivers should carefully inspect these regulations to keep the roads safe and avoid wasting time being pulled over. 

Warning Flags as Oversize Load Signs

DOT Safety Flags 

Flags are used in the daytime to signify an oversized load. They are typically bright orange or red, made from mesh, and must be in good condition. Most states require flags to be placed on the end of the flatbed carrying an oversized load, and also on any parts of the haul that may be protruding from the vehicle. To accommodate the many situations a safety flag may be utilized, they come in several variations. 

Mytee Products sells a Department of Transportation compliant safety flag with a mounting bracket for the back of the flatbed. It is very easy to bolt on the bracket and secure the flag.

Some safety flags come with a simple wooden base that can be used to mark the edge of any oversized items on the flatbed. These must be secured using bungee straps or another kind of tie. 

Another option for securing safety flags to items on the flatbed is Mytee Products’ Magnetic Flag Holder. The magnet attaches to any metal items, then the flag is secured to the magnet. Compared to using tie downs to secure wooden flags, the magnetic flag holder is a far more seamless option. 

Safety Flags can also be secured using wires, grommets, and rubber tie downs. No matter which method you choose, it’s important the flags are in the correct place and are securely placed, and are visible to other drivers. 

Types of warning flags for oversize load signs

Types of Oversize Load Signs 

In addition to warning flags, many states also require an ‘Oversized Load’ sign if the haul is large enough. Oversized load signs are yellow and black to attract drivers attention. They must be placed at the front and back of the truck. They can be secured via grommets, bungees, and other tie downs that go through anchor points on the flatbed. 

Just like warning flags, oversized load signs also come in several variations. 

A. Mesh Oversize Load Signs

Mesh oversize load signs allow wind to pass through, ensuring the sign does not blow around and is clearly legible to other drivers. 

However, mesh signs are less durable and will have to be replaced sooner than alternatives. 

B. Metal Oversize Load Signs

Metal oversize load signs are stronger and more durable. They also will not blow around in the wind if secured correctly. However, they do cost more than basic mesh signs. 

Many oversized load signs are also reflective so they can be viewed easier at nighttime. 

Oversize Load Signs

Apart from these, if you wanted to know more about oversize load sings then please check out the below video.

Rules Change from State to State 

Each state has different signage requirements for oversized loads, so it’s important for flatbed drivers to examine the requirements for each state they’ll be traveling through. Some states allow oversized loads to adhere to the safety regulations of the state they originated in, but this is not guaranteed. 

Flatbed drivers should keep extra safety flags and signs on hand to adapt to changing requirements as they travel, or to replace any flags that may be lost or signs that may be damaged. Any experienced flatbed driver knows that these regulations aren’t just tedious loopholes made to burden drivers. Rather, they are important safety guidelines that must be followed to ensure all drivers on roads or highways are safe.

Safety Regulations of Various states

North East Midwest South West
Connecticut  Illinois  Alabama Alaska 
Maine Indiana  Florida  Arizona 
Massachusetts Iowa  Georgia  California 
New Hampshire  Kansas  Arkansas  Colorado 
New Jersey Michigan  Kentucky  Hawaii 
New York  Minnesota Louisiana  Idaho 
Pennsylvania  Missouri Mississippi  Montana 
Rhode Island  Nebraska  Maryland Nevada
Vermont  North Dakota Delaware  New Mexico 
Ohio  North Carolina Oregon 
South Dakota  Oklahoma  Utah
Wisconsin  South Carolina  Washington
Tennessee Wyoming
West Virginia 

As stated before, each state has different safety regulations for oversized loads. Above you can find your state and view their rules.