The A-Z of Flatbed Lumber tarps

Lumber means a raw wood material and tarp means cover. So lumber tarps are covers made of tarpaulin of canvas material to cover such raw wood material. They are also to protect the lumber from heat and rain while carrying the same on the truck. Before we set our eyes on lumber tarps, let’s first get a clear idea of what lumber tarps are. Have you ever heard the word Tarpaulin?  Tarp is the short form of that. Drivers who drive trucks carrying goods over long distances are often worried about keeping the goods covered. When goods are delivered, they are supposed to reach the destination intact. Here rises the need of tarps for covering the merchandise.

What is a tarp and what is a lumber tarp?

A tarp in the simplest language is a cover or a tarpaulin. Flatbed tarps help to cover a bigger size of load. Flatbed tarps are the most popular type of tarps and they come in different types. Lumber tarps are used mostly for flatbed trucks. Lumber tarps are larger in size than steel tarps and have a flap on one side to cover the lumber unit ends together. A typical lumber tarp is of the standard size of 24’ wide and 27’ long.

What are flatbed lumber tarps made up of?

All types of lumber tarps for flatbed trucks are made up of PVC coated polyester. Lumber tarps are available in different types depending on shapes, sizes and weights. The size ranges from four feet to eight feet, the shape varies from two-piece to three-piece and the weight differs from light weight lumber tarps to heavy duty lumber tarps. 6oz nylon fabric is used to manufacture lumber tarps to ensure maximum light weight.

Are tarps stitched and how? Tarps are also welded?

Yes, absolutely. Tarpaulins are stitched by the double lock hem stitch. The thread used is #207 bonded that is very hard to tear off. Some rugged heavy duty tarps are welded and not stitched. The end flap is a must on lumber tarps.

Brass grommets are installed at every 24 inch around the bottom edge of the tarp. Additional two rows of Dee rings are hemmed on each side of the three rows down. Rows are stitched 30 inch and 60 inch up from the bottom edges.

Hybrid tarps are also available

To produce a hybrid tarp, the heavy duty 14oz or 10oz vinyl tarp fabric is combined with light weight 6oz fabrics. This assures durability of the tarpaulin. Custom tarps are also available according to prior orders.

What are the different sub-types of Lumber Tarps?

Light weight lumber tarp: The light weight lumber tarps are made up of 6oz fabric that is nylon. They are lighter than the vinyl tarps and are easily torn by the strong wind, water and dust.

Heavy duty lumber tarp: Heavy duty tarps are manufactured from vinyl fabric.

Heavy duty three piece lumber tarp: This vinyl fabric has two flaps and one overlapping flap, thus making it three pieces.

(24 x 18) heavy duty lumber tarp: This is the standard size of the vinyl fabric tarp and is popularly used in larger flatbed trucks.

Super light lumber tarp: The super light lumber tarpaulin is made up of the lightest 6oz material of nylon fabric. They are manufactured of the same material as the parachutes.

Weight of lumber tarps

Weight of the lumber tarps depend on what material they are made up of, whether they are light weight of 6oz fabric or heavy duty of 14 oz fabric, and with or without flaps. The light weight tarps vary between 65 lbs to 75 lbs. The rugged heavy duty tarps vary in weight between 90 lbs to 215 lbs.

Are tarps waterproof?

Tarps are not absolutely waterproof. No type of tarpaulin is waterproof, so in case of rain, trickles of water seep into the fabric. The light weight 6 oz fabric has an outer coating that can shed off water if it rains, but the fabric needs to be sewn and not welded.

What are Dee-rings or D-rings?

Dee rings are rings through which the ropes are entangled to tie the tarp so that the goods don’t fall off the truck. The rings are stitched in rows so that the ropes can be tied around the tarpaulin. If a customer wants an extra set of Dee rings, it is available any time. All the D rings are triangular and are stitched in a way that the rings are stitched inside the extreme points of tension.

How to take care of tarps and are they repairable?

Taking care of the tarps depends on the quality and texture of the tarp. The 10oz or the 14oz vinyl fabric can be welded and patched with the help of the AA-66 adhesive. But of the 6oz lighter fabric gets torn, it should be carefully stitched by the professional repairer.

Why are lumber tarps used?

The basic reason to use lumber tarps is to protect the underlying wood from sunlight and rain. The tarps are mushroom proof so fungus never grows on their surface.  The tarps are acid resistant so there is no chance to get burnt. The lumber tarpaulin is treated in such a double protection way that ultra violet rays of the scorching sun don’t affect its texture. The D rings have super flexibility and thus do not tear off easily. The material of tarp is poly layered on both sides to attain the thickness. Lighter the tarp, lesser the durability. 6oz fabric gets torn faster than heavy duty vinyl fabric of 14 oz or at least 10oz.

So the next time you are sending wood or any load by a truck, don’t forget to cover it up with the lumber tarp to make the journey to the destination intact and secure. You have to understand that open load is unsafe and a waterproof canvas cover is ideal for the protection of your expensive goods. So don’t hesitate and buy a tarp, and don’t you forget the D strings for that extra security.