Specifications of Tarps That are Designed For Lumber Load!

If you are transporting lumber in your cargo then you must make sure that the covering you use is specifically designed for that. Different cargo needs different types of protections. Thus it makes sense to get a specially designed tarp for your lumber. Lumber needs to be drier than perhaps any other type of cargo, so moisture free lumber tarps are mandatory. Similarly there are so many specific needs that lumber has that other cargo does not need.

Specifications of Tarp Which is Specially Designed for Lumber:

Lumber tarps on flatbed

Firstly we will try and understand what lumber is? Lumber is raw wood. Fungus attacks the lumber when moisture is present in the environment, the weather is warm or when air is present. So lumber during transportation should be shielded from these hazards. Fungus ruins the lumber and lumber becomes useless. Thus the protection for lumber should shield it against all these problems.

1. Moisture Proof

The lumber tarps come in a material that is moisture and water proof. So it not only protects the lumber from water, but also ensures that moisture does not damage it. Transporting lumber long distances and making sure it reaches the destination completely dry can be a difficult task. So this is one way you can ensure complete dryness without any hassles.

2. Keeps it Cool

The tarp actually keeps the lumber cool and prevents humidity. Very warm climates give rise to humidity. A good tarp can have a cooling effect on the cargo and can prevent humidity. Cool and dry climate works best for lumber.

3. Air Tight

Tarps prevent the air from passing to the lumber. Air carries moisture particles which again give rise to a moist climate. As discussed above moisture is bad for the lumber so an air tight tarp helps.

4. You can Buy Parts

One very interesting feature is that you can buy these tarps in parts. So when the truck bed is really long you can utilize more portions, when the bed is short you can use a few portions. This way you can adjust the length of the tarp to suit your needs.

5. Easily Available

These tarps can be found just about anywhere, even online. This makes it very convenient, as even if a tarp is very good and cannot be found easily it is of no use. These however can be bought online and in local markets. Lumber tarps are the most common variety of tarps found.

6. Covers Even a Huge Pile of Cargo

Your lumber stack or pile can be several feet high. These flatbed truck tarps can cover up to eight feet high cargo. These are very long and broad. It can measure up to 48 feet in length. Even after covering your cargo the sides of the tarp would be hanging down on either sides of the cargo. So this ensures that more part of your cargo will be left exposed. As even if a small portion of your cargo is uncovered it becomes useless. There has to be 100% coverage.

7. Strong Hems

The hems and edges are made exceptionally strong. As in any cover the most vulnerable parts are the edges. As on tying the cargo to the truck the edges come under a lot of pressure. So the edges have to be really strong or else it would tear.

8. Can be Custom Made

Lumber tarps can ideally be found in all sizes. No matter what the size of your vehicle is, you are sure to find a tarp to suit it. But in case you are not happy with the sizes available you can always get one made. Making one to suit your need can be done at no additional cost.

9. Arctic Protection

These tarps are known to give protection even in the harshest of winters. Even in arctic winter your lumber will be safe. These tarps are made of polyethylene and this material prevents the cold from entering. Also it prevents the heat present inside to escape. This feature makes these tarps excellent for lumber protection.

10. Can be Used in Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks are those which have no side walls and are completely flat, giving it a bed like look. These flatbed trucks are good for carrying very heavy cargo or cargo that is broad and cannot be accommodated within the walls of the truck. Flatbed lumber tarps are used in these trucks. As they helps secure the cargo very firmly and avoid it from spilling or grazing against other things.

11. Fire Safe

These tarps often come in fireproof materials. This is very good as fire can strike anywhere and anytime. One must always be prepared for it. Fire does not catch these tarps as they are fire resistant; also if fire catches the tarp prevents it from spreading all over. So this ensures that your lumber is safe. As lumber is wood and wood is highly combustible. Even if a small portion of the wood catches fire within seconds the whole cargo would be in flames. So it should be protected from fire at all cost.

12. Protection Against Acid Rains

Sometimes even the rain water is not pure. It comes down as acid rain. Even snow and precipitation contain small traces of acids in them. So protection against the rain is not enough. As acid can eat in to the cargo and damage it. So a lumber tarp with acid protection is necessary.

Your lumber tarp should have all the features that you are looking for. It is wise to jot down the things you need before you venture out to buy a tarp. As you meet the requirements, start crossing out the points in your slip. In this way you will make sure that you don’t leave out any point.


This would be very helpful, as many people come home to find that they have come back with half their requirements. This would mean that you have to go back the next day and exchange the tarp or perhaps buy a new one. So a meticulous noting down of points can be very helpful.