Reasons for Ratchet Strap FAILS! – Mistakes by Beginners while using Tie-Down Strap

When you’ve just joined the trucking industry it can feel like there are a lot of tips and tricks you aren’t told about, especially with how to properly use specific products.

A product asked most frequently about is the ratchet strap: what are they, how many types are there, how do you use them?

They can be rather tricky, and even haulers who have been on the road for a while have or can incorrectly use a ratchet strap. Let’s go over the four most common ratchet strap fails so you can avoid making them!

Ratchet Strap

Top 4 Ratchet Strap Fails:

1. Jamming the Ratchet:

A common mistake flatbedders make when setting up their ratchet is not pulling all of the excess webbings through. This can and will jam the ratchet before the webbing is even tight and secure around your cargo.

To avoid this mistake: Pull all the excess webbing through the ratchet so when you tighten the strap it won’t get jammed.

Jamming the Ratchet

2. Improper Flat Hook Placement:

When using a flat hook for the first time, haulers may hook them to the trailer’s rub rail incorrectly. Hook the flat hook upside down on the inside of the rub rail and let the webbing rest over it to keep it from popping off during transit. 

Let gravity do the hard work for you!

Improper Flat Hook Placement

3. Improper Excess Storage:

New flatbedders may not properly store the excess webbing before tightening the ratchet. To reduce the risk of the strap coming loose and flapping in the wind, you need to secure the excess webbing.

While you can use zip-ties, you must cut them every time you need to adjust or release the webbing. A less wasteful solution is to use our Mytee Products loop in the strap!

Remember: Before you fully tighten the ratchet, leave some slack so you can still open the loop and place the excess webbing inside. When you tighten the ratchet the rest of the way, it will tighten around the webbing and keep it in place.

Improper Excess Storage

4. Throwing Strap Overhand:

Most truckers may not even know that they are incorrectly tossing their straps over their trailer or cargo! The first step to properly tossing your strap is to roll the strap up and then cradle it in loose excess webbing. Keep your index finger on the webbing and throw underhand, not overhand! Overhand throwing can do more damage to your throwing arm over time than underhand.

Finally, never throw the hook end-fitting over your trailer. You never know who or what will be standing on the other side of your cargo!

Throwing Strap Overhand

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