Mishaps Caused By Truck Straps Malfunction

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When heavy duty cargo is transported on the truck it is necessary to tie it down using straps. Even the government rule has made it compulsory for the truckers to use straps to tie down the load especially on a flatbed trailer.

These straps are made of polyester webbing so that it allows some give to the tie down. If the straps are too tight there is a threat of snapping which can cause a major problem. So it is important to use truck straps that are made with polyester webbing like ratchet straps.

Every now and then trucks are in the news because of some kind of accident caused by the objects that fall off from the trailer. Recently there was a case where a big machine was found lying on the road that fell off from the trailer which took a sharp turn. Luckily there were no accidents involved or no one was injured by this incident but we should not forget how dangerous such mishaps are.

Use of straps just does not end by securing the cargo on the trailer; it is also equally important to check the conditions of the straps before using them as tie downs. Along with such security measures the truckers need to check the tie downs at regular intervals while hauling the heavily loaded truck over a long distance and fix the straps as and when required.

Ratchet straps are impeccable tools used to tie down heavy loads on flatbed trailers. But at the same time it is important to understand the mechanism of these straps so that you face no problem while you use them. Initially it could be tough to figure out how to secure objects using these straps but with time it will come naturally.

Ratchet straps are made of three main parts namely, crank handle, center latch and the drum. The strap tightens around the drum while the crank handle is moved back and forth. Releasing a ratchet strap could be tricky; the center latch is the mechanism that allows the crank handle to release the strap. The center latch will tighten its grip around the drum every time the crank handle is lifted and to release the strap on the drum the center latch has to be disengaged.

Some necessary tips on using truck straps include – buying a strap that is slightly longer than you actually need and inspecting the strap before you use it to make sure that it is free from cuts, rips, snags or any other kind of wear and tear which could lead to malfunction of the straps.

If you don’t want to cause any trouble to yourself or other drivers on the road you need to make sure your load is properly secured on the trailer. Always use straps to secure large equipments like motorcycles and boats. After all you don’t want to be responsible for the mishaps caused by faulty straps like damages, accidents, and injuries or in the worst case death.

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