Mytee Products is at Midwest Regional Tow Show 2022 to Showcase Towing Equipment (Experience, Photo and Review)

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The 2022 Midwest Regional Tow Show is back this coming Friday and we are coming back for the fifth time! The show is going to run from Thursday, September 22nd, to Sunday, September 25th. There will be golf, painting, giveaways, and competitions!

You can find us outside in the parking lot where we will be showing off all of our towing-related products such as Ratchet Wheel Straps, Synthetic Super Slings, Recovery Straps, and Recovery Ropes just to name a few. We will be there starting Friday all the way until the end of the show on Sunday. Come by our booth to say hello! Check out our stock which will be available to purchase at a special tow show price. On top of that, we’ll be holding a giveaway where you have the opportunity to win equipment worth over $230!


Mytee Products Experience, Photo, and Review of Midwest Regional Tow Show 2022

This past weekend, we had the great opportunity to head back down to the Midwest Regional Tow Show in Mason, Ohio! This was our 5th time being at the show and it did not disappoint in the slightest!

We want to thank everyone who came over to our booth and checked out what we had to offer!

Mytee Products Team at Midwest Regional Tow Show 2022

At our booth, we offered everything that you needed for towing. In fact, we ran out of a few things before the second day of the show which surprised us! We did offer a special show price so that may have had something to do with it, but on top of that, we also had a special giveaway of an 8 Point Tie Down Kit, Lasso Straps, and Recovery Rope. Congratulations to the Valleyview Autoparts! We hope you make great use of them!

It also wouldn’t be a Tow Show if there weren’t any tow trucks, which there were plenty of! Two parking lots were dedicated to showing off some of the largest and shiniest trucks this country has to offer!

And no one could ever forget this very famous Tow Truck that made a surprise appearance at the show.

very famous Tow Truck

Sadly we did not ask for an autograph.

To us, the brightest and strongest moments of the show were all the people coming up to our booth and checking us out for our hauling and towing supplies! Some have heard of us before and others haven’t, but everyone was delighted to be there.

We had an amazing time and we can’t wait to be back next year, with more stock this time so we don’t sell out so quickly on items people really latched onto such as our 5/16” x 6’ Long Shank J Hook Tow Chain with RTJ Cluster and Grab Hooks, and our 2 Ton 3” Snatch Blocks with Shackle and Chain Anchors.

If you were at the show and weren’t able to get them, you’re able to get them from our website!

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