How to use load height measuring stick

How to Use Load Height Measuring Stick to Measure Flatbed Load Height

It is common that the question arises in your mind, why do truckers need load height measuring stick and how to measure truck height? We have the answer, as we all know that truckers are hauling heavy loads on their flatbeds like construction equipment and other oversize cargo, they can be an obstacle when passing under bridges or tunnels.

What is a Load Height Measuring Stick?

A load height measuring stick (also known as a quick click height stick) is exactly what it sounds like- it is a long retractable measurement stick with height markers. The height pole can extend all the way up to the top of your truck or load and show you how tall it is. Knowing the exact height of your truck will allow you to plan out where you can and cannot travel.

Mytee Products sells two different versions of load height measuring stick. One extends 15 feet tall so you can know just how much you may be over the height limit. We also offer a version for oversize loads that extends 20 feet tall.

Maximum Truck Load Height Per State

Both versions of the load height measuring stick are crafted from durable fiberglass. They retract and come with a carrying bag for easy storage. They also feature both imperial and metric units so you can use them all around the world.

How to Use Load Height Measuring Stick?

How to use load height measuring stick

Time needed: 5 minutes

Using a load height measuring stick is a simple and fast 4 step process.

  1. Simply place the stick next to your truck and begin to extend it upwards.

  2. The quick click stick allows you to extend the height to any point.

  3. The horizontal bar at the top of the measuring stick will fit into the right angle on top of your truck so you can record the exact measurement.

  4. Now that you know the height of your load, you can decide which route to take.

Precautions Must be Taken while Using Load Height Measuring Stick

No matter where they travel, truck drivers must always be vigilant of low clearances. While most bridges are built to allow trucks to pass by below, it only takes one mistake to destroy the top of your truck and ruin your trip.

Load Height Measuring Stick

The 11-foot 8-inch tall bridge proves that even the most seasoned drivers can fall victim to unusually low clearance. Many bridges have signs listing their exact height. Drivers should be vigilant of these signs and cautious when approaching. Attentiveness while driving paired with the exact measurements derived from a load measuring stick will prevent any accidents and keep you, your truck, and others on the road much safer.

Beware of Low Clearances

Durham, North Carolina is a small city that has gained an infamous reputation for truck accidents. A railroad bridge intersecting the main street provides a clearance of 11 feet 8 inches. This is a problem as the federal government suggests bridges be a minimum of 14 feet tall. Many states around the nation have varying maximum heights for trucks.

It’s important that truck drivers realize that as they cross the country the clearance under bridges will vary. In the eastern half of the U.S., the standard height cap is 13 feet 6 inches, whereas out West it’s 14 feet. States will construct bridges to accommodate trucks at their maximum height. However, this is not always the case (e.g. the 11 foot 8-inch bridge in Durham, NC).

Thus, hundreds of trucks have had the top of their vehicle violently ripped off because of their inattention to this particularly short bridge. The many unfortunate accidents have been documented for years at

Be Aware of Clearance

This bridge isn’t the only oddly short bridge in the country. There are many bridges, tunnel entrances, and other obstacles that may be shorter than necessary. Truck drivers may begin their journey out West and find they have to adjust their route as they travel East to find bridges that offer enough clearance for them to pass.

Drivers must take precautions to ensure their truck is below the height of any obstacles on the roadway. This is where a load measuring stick will come in handy.


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