6 Efficient Flatbed Trailer Equipment for Smooth and Easy Running

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Trailer Flatbed is generally designed to carry heavy loads or containers from one place to another. Trailer equipment can also be described as transport equipment. Mostly, heavy load is conveyed with the help of Trailer Flatbed. This is one of the features that has made it so important in the trucking industry recently. It is not covered from all sides, and hence the load it carries remains exposed. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that it is loaded properly and is safe from any abrasion or damage.


Loading in a trailer flatbed can be done from sides, rear, and top. It becomes essential to ensure its safety. For overall functionality, there are some equipment that can be added to it. As it is a heavy vehicle, it becomes difficult to transfer the load on time and also without any damage. This is where the equipment comes handy.

List of Efficient Flatbed Trailer Equipment

These equipment makes sure that your trailer flatbed moves efficiently and safely without any hurdles.

1) Tarps

Flatbed Tarps

Tarps are one of the amazing ways to ensure the safety of your load. They are water-proof and provide complete resistance to wear and tear. Weather is something you cannot control, so whenever you are moving the load it is important to use tarps because they even protect your load against weather damages like rain, snow, etc. In order to provide complete protection, tarps are made from highly durable materials.

2) Winch Straps


A winch strap is normally a fastener that is used to hold the load at the same place throughout the transport. It keeps the load tied down to the base. It doesn’t even take up much space so after using you can store it easily and conveniently.

3) Ratchet Straps

Size of Ratchet Straps

Ratchet Straps has the same functionality as winch straps that is to hold the cargo load securely in a flatbed trailer. They are made up of polyester webbing and hence provides protection against harmful UV rays and are also water-resistant. These features make it perfect to use from the safety point of view.

4) Corner and Edge Protector

corner and edge protector

The use of corner and edge protectors vary from the amount of load a flatbed trailer carries. They work as the additional security of the cargo load. Sometimes the cargo load can be sensitive and the tarp can cause abrasion because of the friction. Hence, in these cases, Corner and edge protectors become very important and must be used in such circumstances.

5) Chains and Binders

Chain binder

When there is heavy load it becomes a necessity to use chains and binders. They can handle massive loads with ease. Binder is used to tightening the chain and also provide strength. Apart from this, it has some disadvantages as it can easily damage finished surfaces. It is also not lightweight as Straps and hence requires more work and strength and even takes up storage space after usage.

6) Tire Chains

tire chain

Tire Chains helps you in providing extra grip that your vehicle needs because of the heavy load and snowy conditions. In some areas, the use of a tire chain is even mandatory. It is important that you properly ensure that the chains are not loose and tightened perfectly. If the chains are loose then it might damage the vehicle. 

7) Other Various Equipment and Kits

There are many other additional equipments that are used for the safety and security of a trailer flatbed.

A D-ring can be directly installed to the flatbed trailer or even it can be connected with a strap to give stability and security to the cargo.

Moving Blankets can also be very useful when the load is fragile or sensitive. With its use, the load doesn’t get affected by the strap. However, it is not weather-resistant, that is the biggest disadvantage.

Safety Triangle is one of the essential tools which should be carried while transferring cargo load in a flatbed trailer. They are made up of plastic and are of bright red and orange in color. It can be very useful for alerting other drivers in case you need to pull over urgently.

Oversized load signs and flags are very important to notify other drivers. Sometimes, you need to stop and at that time these signs can be very helpful in keeping the rest of the traffic alert and safe.

These are some equipment that a flatbed trailer must have. These equipment altogether enhances the safety and security of the trailer flatbed as well as the cargo load it carries.

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