Enclosed Trailer Accessories and Parts You NEED in Your Cargo Trailer

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For haulers that use enclosed trailers, you understand how frustrating it can be to secure certain types of cargo to the floor of your trailer. The risk of your cargo falling, shifting, or spilling over during transit is high if you don’t secure it properly, but it can be difficult to find and use proper anchor points inside a trailer. This is why enclosed trailer accessories are so important!

At Mytee Products we know how products like E-Tracks, load locks, and D-rings can help save you a lot of time and headaches! Cargo trailer parts create easy ways to add or create E-track anchor points to keep your load from moving or shifting during transportation and keeps your trailer organized! Having enclosed trailer parts like tool and tire racks or hooks allows you to keep all your gear off the floor and easy to access – in the same vein, they keep your floor space open for your cargo and securement!

enclosed trailer accessories

Top 14 Enclosed Trailer Accessories:

What specific box trailer accessories do you need, though? We’ve crafted a handy list of the Top 14 enclosed trailer accessories you should keep in your trailer!

1. E-Track

The most common and popular cargo trailer accessory, our E-Track systems are built from 12-gauge, high-strength steel and given a galvanized surface finish for corrosion resistance! With this increased durability, E-tracks provide a secure and convenient way to secure a variety of cargo loads in your enclosed trailer! E-tracks come with accessories that help safely secure cargo or trucking tools in your trailer. Though the most popular E-track system is the Horizontal E-track, there are two other types on the market:

Vertical System:

Vertical E-tracks are designed to be applied, well, vertically on a trailer’s walls. They are more narrow than the horizontal E-track for this reason, and you can mount D-rings perpendicular to the floor this way!

Horizontal and Vertical/Cross Style:

This unique pattern of horizontal and vertical marks, also called cross-style, allows for the use of E-Track straps in horizontal or vertical alignment! These E-Track systems are commonly used in interior van trailers walls and floors.

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2. L-Track

The spiritual cousin to the E-track, our high-quality L-tracks are made with durable aluminum material and are a versatile choice for many tie-down applications! Like E-tracks, L-tracks come with their own sets of enclosed landscape trailer accessories too, such as single stud and double stud fittings. Also called an airline track, L-tracks are ideal for creating strong tie-down anchor points in your enclosed trailers without taking up as much space as the E-track. Though it is smaller and more narrow, it is just as strong and can withstand cargo like motorcycles and ATV’s.

3. Load Locks

One of the most common load locks, cargo bars, feature bolted-on, padded feet for no-slip traction against your trailer’s enclosed walls. Once these cargo trailer accessories are extended to the proper or appropriate pressure, these load locks help ensure your cargo will not shift forward or fall over during transit – the bar will be in the way and keep the cargo upright if you get a particularly hard stop or turn.

4. Adjustable Decking Shoring Beam

These locking end shoring beams are perfect for a trailer that’s too narrow for traditional or longer load bars. Lightweight and durable, these decking shoring beams are strong and easy to handle and install in your enclosed trailers. These box trailer parts are designed with a double-engagement lock feature and a simplified trigger release so it’s easy to move and adjust while on the road! This cargo trailer part has ends that click onto E-tracks and can withstand up to 2,200lbs!

5. Motorcycle Wheel Chock

The best investment for auto-haulers commonly towing or transporting motorcycles, our E-Track Motorcycle Chock mounts into any E-Track System! It stabilizes your motorcycle on your trailer floor by keeping the bike’s front wheel snug in place and doesn’t allow for movement or any shifting during transit – remember to always secure the wheel with a tie-down strap! This enclosed trailer part will protect your trailer floor from damage or scuffing with the rubber pad that is attached to the bottom of the motorcycle wheel chock. Our motorcycle wheel chock is built with heavy-duty steel and a black powder-coat finish that remains strong through wear and tear, and makes this chock corrosion-resistant!

6. Spare Tire Holder

A simple box trailer accessory, this tool does as the name implies! Easy to attach to an E-track vertical system, it’s strong enough to hold the weight of a spare truck tire against your trailer wall, keeping it off the floor and preventing the risk of the tire rolling into any cargo and possibly damaging it.

7. Hanger Hook

Perfect for storing cables, chains, or rope, these hanger hooks attach easily to your E-track system and provide an easily accessible way to organize any items that may otherwise be difficult to store, like rakes and shovels.

8. Heavy-Duty Storage Bin

Have a lot of smaller trucking accessories that you don’t want to hang on a wall? Invest in a heavy-duty trailer storage bin! Made of extremely strong, durable plastic and able to hold up to 100lbs, you can store straps, D-rings, transport chains, and other cargo trailer parts in this bin! It easily snaps in and off a horizontal or cross-beam E-track system, keeping the bin off the floor and safe from sliding during hauling.

9. Cargo Bar

The cargo bar is Ideal for truck beds and enclosed trailers, this heavy-duty enclosed trailer accessory can clamp onto uneven surfaces and provide stable securement. The feet are made of rubber-coated steel, allowing for strong securement when extended to the proper length without damaging your truck bed or the walls of your trailer! In addition, the storage net can hold small, loose cargo safely underneath the bar. It’s a perfect solution when transporting cargo that is too small or fragile to tie down with straps or chains!

10. J-Hook

J-Hook E-fittings are excellent choices to conveniently organize your trailer! It’s quick and easy to install, snapping from one slot to another! You can place cords, rope, and straps on these enclosed landscape trailer accessories! Installing multiple hooks side-by-side allows you to hang heavier objects, like construction materials, on your wall as well!

11. Trailer Tool Box

Stainless steel and powder-coated for a nice finish, our trailer tool boxes are heavy-duty box trailer accessories that every hauler can benefit from! Their reinforced door spine strengthens the door and protects the latching mechanism, but it’s also equipped with a heavy-duty paddle lock for extra security! It’s a tight, waterproof box you can use to protect your trucking equipment!

12. E-Track Ratchet Straps

Equipped with an additional spring-loaded fitting on the ratchet, E-track ratchet straps can added versatility compared to traditional ratchet straps. Generally used as enclosed trailer accessories, they are designed to attach perfectly onto an E-track system or D-rings.

13. Cam Buckles

Similar to the Ratchet Strap above, there are cam buckles that are designed to work specifically with E-track systems inside van trailers. Our polyester E-track cam buckle also comes with a spring-loaded end fitting and is designed to be more resistant to abrasions, cuts, and stretching! These box trailer accessories can be tightened by pulling, rather than being cranked like ratchet straps. This is an important difference to note and keep in mind if you need to tighten fragile cargo – it is easier to over-tighten a ratchet strap than it is to over-tighten a cam buckle strap.

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14. D-Rings

This unique, portable D-ring allows you to install an anchor point anywhere you may need it in your trailer! An essential and necessary tool for any E-track system, these cargo trailer parts are perfect for securing S-hooks, straps, chains, bungees and ropes around your loads. D-rings lock in and off E-track systems and can be easily placed anywhere you need!

The right accessory can help turn your trailer into an organized, professional unit! You can improve your trailer’s functionality, versatility, and comfortability by using the right cargo trailer accessories! Cabinets, shelving, racks, bins, and more let you optimize and increase the space in your trailer! However, when choosing the right cargo trailer part you need to consider factors like purpose, weight capacity, and compatibility – if you need a J-hook, for example, but don’t have any E-tracks installed in your trailer you will have a hard time finding ways to secure and use the J-hook. You also need to know how much weight your trailer can carry and calculate how much weight you will be carrying with your cargo and your accessories on board.

Hopefully, this article will help you narrow your picks for the right enclosed trailer accessories – however, our product line continues to grow and expand, so feel free to browse our website or contact our customer service line for more information on the cargo trailer accessories we have to offer! Our team will be happy to help you find the right products for the right price. Haul safe and earn more with Mytee Products!

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