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Lengthen Your Tarp Life by Installing New Grommets

No one needs to tell you that truck tarps are an expensive part of doing business as an owner-operator. So the longer you can continue using the same tarps, the better it is for your budget. We suggest installing new grommets when the factory-installed grommets begin to fail. This will lengthen tarp life considerably. It […]

Know Reasons Why Tarps Get Brittle in Cold Weather

Experienced truckers are well aware that extreme cold weather and truck tarps do not necessarily play well together. The colder the temperature, the more brittle tarp fabrics become. Tarps tend to tear or break with just the slightest amount of pressure in extremely frigid conditions. But why does this happen? To someone not familiar with […]

How to Not Abuse Your Roll Tarps

The arrival of spring brings with it increased road construction. And with that increased construction comes more dump trucks filled with gravel, dirt, broken concrete, and fresh asphalt. Truck drivers will be relying on their roll tarps to keep the loads in place during transit. Used properly, a roll tarp can provide years of reliable […]