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Maintain Safety Standards with Grade 70 Chain Load Binders

Commercial trucks are very important to America’s economy. More freight, goods and industrial machinery is transported via commercial trucks than any other type of transportation in the continental U.S. According to a report from ATA  the trucking business, “deliver ten billion tons of virtually every commodity consumed—or nearly 70 percent of all freight transported annually in the U.S.” Virtually all goods and supplies transported in the U.S. use commercial trucks for transportation from oil and fuel to pharmaceuticals to fresh drinking water. Without cargo and flatbed trucks, our nation could not survive. Therefore maintaining safety standards with approved chains, binders and securement devices is of the utmost importance.

Any type of commercial hauler, whether it’s a full size semi-trailer or store delivery truck, needs to have contents secured. Chains are used the most on commercial trucks with chain binders for securing heavy machinery, steel, logs, portable buildings, vehicles and shipping containers. Chain binders offer the most securement when transporting heavy loads and with the proper chain grade are approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and American Trucking Association (ATA). Ratchet and lever or snap binders are two types of chain binders; however, snap binders are used less due to the risk of snapping out of position. Foldable handle binders are becoming more popular in the commercial trucking industry.

Chain grade is determined by the stress on a chain link at its breaking strength, according to the National Association of Chain Manufacturing (NACM). They have provided a breakdown of the different grades and applications of chains in the chart below.

Grade 30 Proof Coil Chain General Purpose, carbon steel chain.
Grade 43 High Test Chain A carbon steel chain widely used in industry, construction, agricultural and lumbering operations.
Grade 70 Transport Chain A high quality, high strength carbon steel chain used for load securement.
Grade 80 Alloy Chain Premium quality, high strength alloy chain, heat treated, used in a variety of sling and tie down applications. For overhead lifting applications, only Alloy Chain should be used.
Grade 100 Alloy Chain Premium quality, highest strength alloy chain, heat treated, used in a variety of sling and tie down applications. For overhead lifting applications, only Alloy Chain should be used.

Grade 70 transport chain is the recommended grade for chain binders and boomers in the commercial trucking industry. All chain binders must be secured using the attachment points on a truck. The minimum is four according to the NACS; however, the total weight of the load and the chain binder size determines how many attachment points are needed to properly secure the load. Attachment points should not exceed 45 degrees in order to secure any movement.

The best security is one which is carefully executed for the safety of the driver and other drivers on the road.

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Tips to use Grade 70 Chain and Chain Binder

Binders are used to tie down the loads to avoid any mishaps. Load binders are valuable instruments and as they keep the load in position; they are coated with steel to give you maximum strength for the tie down. If you use appropriate chains and binders you do not need to worry about your loads at hairpin turns and sudden stops.

The following tips with help you efficiently use Chain binder and Grade 70 chains:

Choosing a binder:

You need to double check the strength and durability of the binders when you go to buy a binder. There are many different types of binders available in the market like ratchet load binder, standard lever load binder, alloy ratchet load binder and many more. Some people are comfortable using lever style binders while others prefer ratchet style binders. You can choose the one that you are comfortable with, but you need to take some precaution while using either style of binder. If you use lever style binders make sure that it has not gotten lose, and for ratchet binders you need to carry a proper lubricant with you like a spray Teflon grease to ease the binders if they freeze. But do not use heavy grease it will dry and solidify causing more trouble.

About Grade 70 chains:

Grade 70 chain binder are widely used for carrying vehicles on flatbed trailers. According to rules in some states you need chains at each corner if your equipment weighs over 10,000 lbs and for less than 10,000 lbs weight one chain at each end will do. G70 chains are strong and reliable; they have gold tone finish and G70 inscription on it. Each chain has capacity of up to 4700 lbs with grab hooks at each end. G70 chains are preferable as they perform well on hilly terrains and can hold heavy objects in place.

Some security measures:

As we know there are two types of chain binder i.e ratchet and lever. While using these chain binders there are some necessary precautions to be taken. People using these binders should be trained well and should know the areas of application. You must regularly check the chains and binders to determine the binding, and wear of the binders. It is advisable not to use the chains or binders that are cracked easily. Prefer to use 70 degree chains to bind the heavy load. Do not use G70 chains for overhead lifting, and avoid using binders when someone is standing very close to the loaded truck.

These tips will help you use your chains and binders effectively and you will be also to haul heavy machineries and other heavy load easily. If you use proper hardware in a right way, you can secure your load efficiently and also keep yourself safe while dealing with heavy objects and binders.