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Things to Know About Rubber Bungee Straps – EPDM

Those black, rubber bungee straps truckers use to secure tarps are so easy to find that they are often taken for granted. However, did you know that the modern bungee strap is a relatively new invention? It hasn’t been around that long when you consider that a French scientist invented the first artificial rubber polymer […]

How to Use Bungee Straps On and Off the Road!

It’s no secret within the flatbed trucking industry that applying and removing trucking tarps can be a long, frustrating process. It takes time away from your ability to be on the road, so having efficient ways to work with your trucking tarps is incredibly important for all haulers! Bungee straps are perfect tie downs for […]

11 Tools To Ramp-Up Your Cargo Hauling Career

When you’re just starting out, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the flatbed trucking products out there. Fortunately, when it comes to cargo hauling, you can cut through the BS. If you’re not sure what’s a true hauling “need” versus something that’s merely a “want,” we’ve got you covered! 11 Important Tools […]

3 Things You Should Never Do with Bungee Straps

Bungee straps have been compared to duct tape in terms of their versatility. Truck drivers use them for everything from securing tarps to replacing a broken curtain rod in the sleeper cab. Their extreme flexibility, resistance to weather, and ease of use, make bungee straps one of the most important tools in the flatbed trucking […]