Block the Unwanted Sights by Fence Privacy Screen

Privacy screen is used as a barrier between the court yards. The fence privacy screen is installed to block the views from the outside and also for the security. These fences in addition help you to cover the construction work in progress.

There are different types of fence privacy screen available in the market like brick walls, wooden partitions, wrought iron, chain link, mesh tarps etc. A mesh privacy screen is the most commonly used screen in the commercial and residential area. It is also very easy to install this screen than installing brick walls and other types of privacy screen.


A very high quality tightly knit woven polyethylene material is used in making privacy screen. It is very durable and can last for many years. The material that is used in this screen is a breathable and so allows the fresh air to pass through it.

The privacy screen comes with woven eyelets so that the screen can be easily attached to the fence. These screens come in many different sizes and colors you can choose one based on your requirements. Some companies also provide custom made privacy screens if you have specific requirements and want some special print on the screen like a company logo or other designs.

Types of Fence Screen

The different types of fence screen include:

A. Residential Privacy Screen:

These screens are made for the residential houses and can help you to block the views from the outsiders.

B. Construction Site Privacy Screen:

The screens made to cover the construction sites are different than the screens made for the residential purpose. They are used to cover the work in progress views.

C. Custom Printed Privacy Screen:

If you have a special logo or preference of designs that you want on the privacy fence screen then you can have that printed for you.

Apart from the above option you already have a choice of different colors for the screen.

Benefits of fence privacy screen:

Printed fences look very attractive and if you have custom made designs on it your screen will be unique.

1. Easy to Install:

These screens are cost effective, easy to install and durable.

2. High-quality:

Thanks to the advanced technologies, these fences are now made using acoustic materials.

3. Peaceful Environment:

These fences provide you peaceful environment.

4. Low Maintenance:

The mesh privacy screen requires low maintenance.

5. Durable:

These privacy screen are very durable and do not tear, peel or get corroded.

6. Wide Choices:

You have a wide choice of colors and designs.

7. Enhance Creativity:

One of the key benefits of this privacy screen is that you can do it yourself and use your creativity in putting up your own privacy fence screen.

Privacy fence screens are attractive; they block the unwanted sights and give you sense of security round the clock. If you visit e-commerce sites you will see that the privacy screens are available in basically two combinations i.e. 4’ x 50’ and 6’ x 50’. These lengths and heights can be altered to meet your specifications and the cost of the screen depends on the material and the quality of fabric that is used to make them.