Mesh Tarps Usage Guide: Versatile Applications for Everyone

Tarps and tarpaulins have a wide range of uses, from covering vehicles and boats to keeping objects safe from weather conditions! At Mytee Products, there are many different types of tarpaulins and tarps available. They are differentiated by the materials used to make them and their main purposes: there are steel tarps, lumber tarps, canvas […]

Things to Know About Rubber Bungee Straps – EPDM

Those black, rubber bungee straps truckers use to secure tarps are so easy to find that they are often taken for granted. However, did you know that the modern bungee strap is a relatively new invention? It hasn’t been around that long when you consider that a French scientist invented the first artificial rubber polymer […]

A Few Fall Reminders for Hay Tarps

It is that time of year again when growers are starting to think about winter hay storage. Every year, there is that nagging question of whether to go with tarps or store excess hay in the barn. That is considering a grower even has a barn to work with. Those who do not are forced […]

What to Look for When You are Buying a Lumber Tarp?

Truckers know how important it is to protect the load, even if the load is a lumber only load. So, choosing the right product for the right load is essential. When buying your lumber tarp, you can choose between being solely cost conscious or considering quality and functionality before you make your decision. Moreover, as […]