Advantages of Lumber Tarps are not only limited to Trucks

When the word tarp is mentioned, people tend to associate it to huge loads covered with lumber tarps or flatbed tarps. These tarps are definitely effective to secure an protect the cargo when being hauled by the truckers, but today the use of these tarps is not limited to covering heavy duty loads.

Tarps are made of a variety of materials nowadays like mesh, vinyl, polyethylene and canvas. They are also named for the purpose that they are used like lumber tarps and steel tarps. It does not mean that these tarps are made of lumber or steel but they are usually used to cover such type of cargo. Lumber tarp is used to cover tall loads as it has 6 to 8 ft. drop and its advantages are as follows:

  • Lumber tarps have up to three rows of D-rings attached to its hems which are also known as grommets. These grommets allow a perfect tie down facility. These grommets are clenched at every two feet so that there will be no need to cover the tarps with other materials for a sturdy tie down.
  • It is not at all cumbersome to use these tarps even though they are used to cover tall and bulky loads. One can easily use two to three tarps to completely cover the loads. This allows the user to easily maintain the tarps and fold them when they are not been used. If one huge tarp is used to cover tall load then it becomes very difficult and awkward to handle the tarp single handedly.
  • These tarps are sturdy, strong and are made of heavy duty vinyl material which can withstand all type of harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, snow, thunder storms and UV rays. They are light weight so can he handled easily to cover and uncover the load.
  • Flatbed Lumber tarps are also been used at the construction sites to cover work-in-progress construction activities. They are also used to cover heavy machinery at these locations. These tarps protect the half finished work and machines from external elements. The durability and tensile strength of these tarps make them ideal components where the protection from grueling weather is required.
  • The best advantage of lumber tarp is that it can be used to cover any type of cargo. Due to the strength of its material and rows of D-rings attached to its sides it is used to cover a variety of products and not only logs of wood.

These heavy duty tarps are now being used to cover RVs, cars and other vehicles when a garage facility is not available. They are even used to cover materials like chairs, sofas, TV, tables etc. when they are put out for sale until they are sold off or disposed off. These tarps used to be confined to only cover cargos for transportation, but are now used to cover and protect many different things.