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Recovery Slings, Shackles and Accessories

Recovery Slings, Shackles and Other Lifting Accessories

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  • Endless Round Lifting Sling 4' 6' 8' Crane Rigging Hoist Wrecker Recovery Strap

    Color: Purple, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange
    Length: 4' - 20'
    • Vertical Style Rated Capacity: 2,600 lbs - 40,000 lbs
    Choker Style Rated Capacity: 2,100 lbs - 32,000 lbs
    Basket 90 degree Rated Capacity: 5,200 lbs - 80,000 lbs

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  • Round Sling Hooks

    • Round Sling Hooks
    • Color: Purple, Green, Yellow, Red
    • Working Load Limits: 2,600 lbs-13,200 lbs
    • Weights: 2 lbs - 10 lbs
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  • Eye & Eye Synthetic Super Slings

    • Style: Eye & Eye
    • Material: Super Strong Synthetic Nylon
    • Colors: Orange, Green, Blue, Gray
    • Protective Sleeve provides protectection against damage and wear to the sling
    • Sizes: 3/8" - 3/4"
    • Lengths: 8' - 12'
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  • Flat Eye & Eye Sling 2-Ply

    • Size: 1"
    • Length: 6 ft & 20ft
    • Construction: 2-Ply
    • Eye Length: 10"
    • Eye Style: Flat Eye
    • Vertical Rated Capacity: 3,200 # WLL
    • Choker Rated Capacity: 2,500 # WLL
    • Basket 90 Degree Rated Capacity: 6,400 # WLL
    • Type 3: EE
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  • Twisted Eye & Eye Sling 2-Ply

    • Size: 2" , 3" & 4"
    • Length: 6 ft - 20 ft
    • Construction: 2-Ply
    • Eye Length: 10" & 12"
    • Eye Style: Twisted Eye
    • Vertical Rated Capacity: (6,400 - 11,500) # WLL
    • Choker Rated Capacity: (5,000 - 9,200) # WLL
    • Basket 90 Degree Rated Capacity: (12,800 - 23,000) # WLL
    • Type 3: EE / Type 4: EE
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  • Durabilt Load Lift Endless Roundslings

    Length: 4' - 20'
    Weight per Foot: 0.19 - 1.77 lbs
    Vertical Style Rated Capacity: 2600 - 53,000 lbs
    Choker Style Rated Capacity: 2080 - 42,400 lbs
    Basket 90 degree Rated Capacity: 5200 - 106,000 lbs
    Basket 45 degree Rated Capacity: 3692 - 74,900 lbs
    Approx Diameter: 1-1/8" - 3-1/4"
    Minimum Hardware Diameter: 0.50 - 1.88

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  • Durabilt Endless Load Lift Sling

    Ply: 2
    Web Width: 1" - 4"
    Length: 6' - 20'
    Weight per Foot: 0.25 - 1 lbs
    Vertical Rated Capacity: 6200 - 22,000 lbs
    Choker Rated Capacity: 4960 - 17,600 lbs
    Basket 90 degree Rated Capacity: 12,400 - 44,000 lbs
    Basket 60 degree Rated Capacity: 10,738 - 38,060 lbs
    Basket 45 degree Rated Capacity: 8766 - 31,020 lbs
    Basket 30 degree Rated Capacity: 6200 - 22,000 lbs

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  • Anchor Shackle Forged Carbon Steel & Alloy Screw Pin

    • Shackle Type: Anchor Shackle
    • Material: Forged Carbon Steel
    • Bolt or Pin Type: Alloy Screw Pin
    • Sizes: 5/16" - 1-1/2"
    • Working Load Limit:  0.75 - 17 Tons (1,500 - 34,000 lbs)
    • Double Rust Protection with an Electro Plated Galvanized Metal coating first and then the shackle is Finished with a Powder coating. This will ensure if the Powder Coating chips off, the shackle will not rust.
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  • CM Super Strong Anchor Shackle Orange Powder Coated

    Shackle Type: Anchor or Bow Type
    Manufacturer: Columbus McKinnon
    Origin: Made in USA
    Material: Forged Alloy Steel
    Coating: Orange Powder Coated
    Bolt or Pin Type: Screw Pin
    • Size: 3/8 Inch - 1 Inch
    • Working Load Limit: 1-1/2 Ton To 10 Tons

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  • Web Shackle Made with Forged Alloy Steel & Alloy Bolt

    Shackle Type: Web
    Material: Forged Alloy Steel
    Bolt or Pin Type: Alloy Bolt
    Size: See Chart
    Working Load Limit: 3.25 Tons

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Recovery Slings, Shackles and Other Lifting Accessories

What are Recovery Slings?

  • Recovery slings, also called round lifting slings, recovery straps, eye to eye slings, or web slings, are heavy-duty loops designed to wrap around the bottom of a piece of cargo, then lift cargo vertically via crane.
  • Recovery slings can also pull cargo at an angle to haul it up a ramp or out of a ravine.
  • Recovery slings can be made of fabric-covered wire rope, heavy-duty reinforced polyester fabric, or heavy-duty reinforced nylon.
  • Recovery slings are either closed loops themselves, or they’re designed so the user can create a closed loop around the cargo easily, by running one end of the sling through the looped or closed end-fitting on the opposite end of the sling.
  • This latter securement style is called a choker hitch or choker-style securement. Using the closed loop as-is to lift a piece of cargo is called vertical-style securement or a vertical lift.

How are Recovery Slings Used?

  • Recovery slings are used in auto-hauling and recovery, to secure cars and lift or pull them in a towing or auto-hauling job.
  • These eye-slings also used to lift cargo vertically with a crane, which is useful to stack a tall cargo load, load cargo on a ship, or move materials necessary for construction.
  • That’s why these loops are sometimes called crane slings.

Benefits of Using Recovery Slings and Accessories?

  • Recovery slings and shackles can be used to lift cargo that is too heavy to be lifted by a G 70 or lower chain, a typical winch strap, or a ratchet strap.
  • Recovery slings also weigh less than Grade 80+ chains.
  • Lifting slings are soft enough that they won’t scratch or crush cargo, and they’re flexible enough that they can wrap around unusually-shaped cargo, like motorcycles.

What are the Accessory Options With Recovery Slings?

The two main accessories for recovery slings are shackles and hooks.


  • Hooks can be anchored to recovery slings by their eye while their hooked end can readily hook and secure itself to the frame of a car or some other strong element of a piece of cargo.
  • Swivel hooks can pivot, while round sling hooks can latch instantly around the point of contact.


  • Bolt shackles, sometimes called anchor shackles, lifting shackles, or trailer shackles, are useful.
  • Shackles can anchor two slings at once, in order to lift an incredibly heavy or wide piece of cargo.

Things to Consider:

  • As with all hauling products, it’s important to note the working load limit of sling hooks and heavy-duty shackles. Do not exceed this limit.
  • It’s also important to follow OSHA guidelines and inspect your hooks and shackles thoroughly before lifting or pulling any cargo with them. This is the OSHA law regarding shackle and hook inspection.
  • Meanwhile, the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety has a step-by-step guide to shackle inspection and illustrations of potential, dangerous flaws.

Why to Buy Recovery Slings from Mytee Products?

At Mytee Products, we never waste money on a middleman, so we can pass our savings on to you!

Our recovery slings, shackles, and hooks are high quality and meet or exceed the exacting standards of the Web Sling & Tie-Down Association--yet, each one is affordably priced.

That’s why, when you buy from Mytee Products, you can haul safe and earn more.