Car Tie Down & Auto Hauling Straps

If you move cars using a flatbed truck or auto hauling trailer, you are aware of the need to secure cargo against any movement that could cause damage to transmissions, axles, suspension, and tires. You also know that the key to securing a car in place is choosing the right auto hauling straps. Car tie-down straps are essential hauling equipment for all car haulers! We invite you to browse our inventory of car hauling straps and accessories. Our wheel straps for towing are designed with the toughest working conditions in mind, and to give you peace of mind! Our tire straps will help keep your vehicle in place no matter how sharp or sudden a turn or stop is. We have straps available in several working load limits and of different lengths and widths. Additionally, we provide car hauler straps of different designs, from axle straps to tow dolly straps, so you can find the best strap for you! Our car hauling straps feature double-stitched webbing for exceptional strength and durability as well. Keep in mind that we offer quantity discounts on most of our auto hauling products.

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What are Auto Hauling or Car Tie Down Straps

Car Tie Down Straps are short ratchet straps made of heavy-duty polyester webbing, designed to secure vehicle cargo and keep the car you’re hauling from moving too much. Car trailer straps are designed to be attached to the underside of a car, like its axles, or around its wheels. Rarely should tire straps be attached to the body of the car, especially if you want to avoid damaging or scratching your cargo.

Auto-hauling straps come with a wide variety of end fittings. To secure the car you want to haul, learn which end-fittings are compatible with the floor anchor points or side anchor points on your truck. Choosing the right end-fittings also makes sure that your Vehicle Tie Down Straps will be able to connect to your trailer or truck bed with ease!

Different auto-hauling straps use different methods to secure vehicle cargo, but all straps work by binding the wheels or axles on the vehicles.

Types of Auto-Hauling Straps

Auto-hauling straps can be divided into four categories:

  • Axle Straps
  • Wheel Nets (sometimes called wheel straps)
  • Over-the-Wheel Straps
  • Tow Dolly Straps

1. Axle straps :

Axle straps are a unique type of Car Hauler Tie Down Strap because they loop around the axle of a vehicle in order to secure it. These car tire straps are sometimes called lasso axle straps. These straps only touch the axle of the car you’re hauling, never the wheels.

Lasso Axle Straps with Chain Anchor used with Vehicle by Mytee Products

To use an axle strap, first make sure the anchor points on your truck are on the floor of the truck bed itself, rather than on the sides of the truck; axle straps are only compatible with floor anchor points. 

Most axle straps’ end fittings are snap hooks. While there are other end-fitting options out there for axle straps, snap hooks are by far the most common.

An axle strap loops around the axle of the car you’re hauling. 

2. Wheel straps :

Wheel straps are sometimes called lasso wheel straps, because the strap is shaped like a single circle that can be tightened horizontally around a car’s wheel. This circle then connects to the part of the strap that you latch to the truck bed.

Lasso Wheel Straps with Ratchet and Flat Hook used on Tire by Mytee Products

Some wheel straps have one anchor point per wheel, while others have two anchor points per wheel. The more anchor points the strap uses, the more firmly the car is held in place. Using an eight-point tie-down kit (which secures every wheel with two anchor-points per wheel) gives you maximum load security. An eight-point kit virtually eliminates the risk of scratching or damaging the car during transport.

Car Tie Down on Trailer with Auto Houler Straps Side angle View by Mytee Products

This auto-hauler used Mytee’s Eight-point tie-down kit to move his luxury Porsche. It arrived scratch-free in perfect condition.

When you need car straps for trailer, Lasso wheel straps can help. Lasso wheel straps are mainly used when a car is transported on a flatbed trailer, flatbed tow truck, or inside a semi-truck.

Wheel straps come with a wide variety of end-fitting options. They can be secured to anchor points on the side of a flatbed, the side of a semi-truck trailer, or the floor of either kind of trailer.

3. Over-the-wheel straps :

Over-the-wheel straps only touch the tire of a car, not the car’s axle or the center hubcap of the wheel. While lasso wheel straps may have either one or two anchor points, over-the-wheel straps always use two anchor points. It is highly recommended that you use four points of car trailer strap securement on a vehicle, even with these over-the-wheel straps! While these tire straps may have two anchor points instead of one, that is not an excuse to use less than the required limit of auto tie-down straps for transportation.

Over the Wheel Strap used on Car Tire by Mytee Products

Mytee Products' Over the Wheel Strap Used on Tire with Ratchet Strap and O Ring

This tire is secured with an over-the-wheel strap.

Over-the-wheel straps are only compatible with truck beds that have floor anchor points (e-tracks, for example). For this reason, over-the-wheel straps are pretty much only used by specialty car carriers and trucks made for auto-hauling. This is why it is essential to do proper research before purchasing end-fittings and accessories with your car hauler straps! You can avoid the frustration or confusion that comes with discovering your car tie-down straps cannot attach to your trailer or truck bed by browsing our website and recommended auto hauling accessories, or by contacting our Mytee Products customer service!

4. Tow dolly straps :

Tow dolly straps are sometimes called tow dolly baskets, tow dolly nets, or simply wheel nets. Tow dolly straps look like nets: they have multiple, criss-crossing arms of the polyester webbing fabric that combine to create a basket-like pattern.

Wheel Net Car Tow dolly straps with Snap Hook and Flat Hook used on Tires by Mytee Products

Tow dolly straps create a “net” over the tire.

Tow dolly straps are used exclusively with tow dolly trailers. The basket-style design helps secure the car more firmly on the platform of a dolly trailer, which is important because only the two front wheels of a car can be secured to a dolly trailer: the back wheels of the transported car roll along as the dolly trailer tows it.

Tow Dolly Strap used with Car on Trailer by Mytee Products

how to secure a car for transport on a tow dolly using tow dolly straps

Questions & Answers

How many Car Tie Down straps should I use?

A minimum of four tie-down straps should be used when securing your vehicle. Each of the four straps should be secured around the wheels to keep the car completely stationary when in transit.

How often should I retighten my car tie-down straps?

Experts recommend that you retighten your straps after several miles of transport. More frequently if you’ve experienced heavy stops or had to swerve out of the way to avoid an accident.

Are Car Tie Down Straps able to pull a vehicle as well?

Tie-down straps are designed to keep a vehicle in place while it’s on the back of a tow truck bed. To pull or tow a vehicle, it’s recommended that you use a tow strap or a V-bridle with the required end fittings to properly tow a vehicle.

Which type of tie-down strap should I use?

The best kind of strap to use is one made from polyester webbing. Polyester is a very common material used for straps and even car seat belts. It’s water and mildew resistant and has higher working load limits compared to most nylon straps.

What is the best way to strap a car to a trailer?

An 8-Point Roll Back Tie Down System is the perfect and ideal tie-down solution for getting a car secured. There are other options available depending on the type of vehicle you have, but an 8-Point Tie Down System is versatile and can be used in many applications.