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Anchor or Bow Type Shackle Made with Forged Alloy Steel & Alloy Screw Pin

Anchor or Bow Type Shackle Made with Forged Alloy Steel & Alloy Screw Pin

24.99 USD

Shackle Type: Anchor or Bow Type
Material: Forged Alloy Steel
Bolt or Pin Type: Alloy Screw Pin
Size: 5/16 Inches
Working Load Limit: 1.2 Tons

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    Weight (Lbs) 0.20

    Anchor Shackles have larger shackle body per given size and pin diameter is the same as the body diameter. The circular body permits multi directional load handling but only so long as the direction of the load is in the plane of the bow AND appropriate adjustments to WLL is made based on the angle of the load. Forged Alloy Steel undergoes Heat treatment and tempering which works off many of the metal stresses and offers greater strength and abrasion resistance. Addition of alloys enhances very specific properties such as abrasion. This Shackle has a Screw Pin. It can be tightened and loosened by hand initially but with ongoing use, pliers may need to be used. Due to easy removal and tightening, good for applications where shackle is frequently removed. Not good for applications where pin is subject to torque. To be safe, Screw Pins Require 'Seizing' with double turns and twist of soft stainless steel or Monel wire. Alternately, electrical cable can also be used so the screw pin does not undo itself.

    All Shackles are Type Approved, display working load limit on forging, batch coded for traceability, go through crack detection during manufacturing and fatigue rated to 1.5 times WLL

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    Image is for illustration only. The color of the shackle pin may differ from image.

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