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3 Reasons Webbing Is the Perfect Material for Winch Straps

Every flatbed truck driver keeps a selection of winch straps on board. Winch straps are a very important piece of trucking supply equipment. They are one of the fundamental tools truck drivers use to control cargo. Knowing that, have you ever been curious as to why winch straps are made of webbing? It turns out that webbing is the perfect material for them.


Webbing is a woven fabric manufactured in long strips for a variety of purposes. It can be made from different kinds of fibers, such as cotton or flax, but most modern webbing materials are made of synthetic fibers including polyester, polypropylene, and nylon. Webbing is the perfect material for winch straps for three primary reasons:

1. Webbing Has High Tensile Strength

Tensile strength is the ability of a material to withstand forces that would tend to tear it apart. Scientifically speaking, this is known as longitudinal stress. The best way to think of tensile strength is to picture a winch strap connected at either end to arms that slowly stretch it apart. The force required to rip the strap apart would be considered its tensile strength.

Because webbing is made from small fibers that are woven together in a compact area, it has very high tensile strength. The truck driver can tighten winches down with a considerable amount of force without damaging the integrity of his/her webbing straps. Those straps hold firm without risk of breaking, even at highway speeds.

2. Webbing Is Versatile

The principle of manufacturing webbing as long strips naturally creates versatility. For example, a less strong webbing can be manufactured in extremely large quantities for seat belt applications while a more durable product can be manufactured for winch straps. Both can be produced on the same machine using the same process.

Webbing straps can also be made in various widths and lengths without sacrificing strength and durability. Even custom products are possible when unique needs have to be met. In that sense, webbing is a lot more versatile than chains.

3. Webbing Does Not Absorb Water

One of the strongest properties of webbing for winch straps is the fact that it does not absorb water. Webbing is less likely to shrink, rot, or develop mold and mildew the way rope can. It is certainly not subject to oxidation like chains, either. A truck driver can use the same webbing straps for years and never have to worry about breakdown caused by water.

Along those same lines, the synthetic fibers used to create webbing hold up very well to sunlight and acidic industrial chemicals. They perform very well in temperature extremes, too. Simply put, there’s not much by way of environmental conditions you can throw at webbing straps that will cause significant damage. Webbing is a very durable and reliable material that simply gets the job done.

Webbing is the perfect material to create the winch straps that flatbed truck drivers depend on for secure cargo. Most truckers carry a variety of straps in different lengths and widths for different jobs. We invite you to check out the complete Mytee inventory for all of your winch strap needs. We carry straps with chain anchors, wire hooks, flat hooks, and sewn loop ends.

Here at Mytee Products, we understand how valuable winch straps are to flatbed truckers. Therefore, we strive to always supply only the highest quality products at the best possible prices. Our webbing straps are just what you need to control cargo effectively on every job.

Slick New Trailers Still Need Tarps

The 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show held in early April was quite a show. Independent contractors, carriers and shippers from all over the country descended on the show to see the latest and greatest in new equipment. Among the highlights of the show were new flatbeds from companies such as Great Dane. Yet no matter how technologically advanced flatbed trailers become, the need for tarps will always be crucial to the game.

Great Dane unveiled a brand-new all-aluminum trailer that they have named the Freedom XP. No, it has nothing to do with your computer’s OS. Rather, it is a completely new concept in 48-foot flatbed trailers designed from the ground up. Designed with an emphasis on visibility, sporting LED lights, polished filler plates, additional mud flaps and the options to include a single coil package perfect for loading on and secured quickly.

As impressed as visitors to the Mid-America Trucking Show were with Freedom XP’s features, an experienced trucker knows that, it would only take a few cross country trips before that shiny new trailer begins to look worn. No amount of sparkle or polish can change the punishment the open road dishes up. And that is why truckers still need flatbed truck tarps alongside slick new trailers.


Platform on Wheels

The Freedom XP offers a 22-disc brake system that is as good as anything Great Dane has ever produced. Even so, the trailer is just a platform on wheels intended to carry everything from steel coil to factory equipment to pallets of landscaping materials. This means the tarps drivers choose to protect their loads is as important as the platform underneath them.

Truck tarps do not get a lot of media attention at equipment shows because they are, quite frankly, not nearly as glamorous as an all-aluminum flatbed trailer. Additionally, tarp technology has not changed all that drastically over the years. It is hard to put together a flashy presentation that impresses show participants and convinces them to purchase. Nevertheless, this does not diminish the importance of truck tarps for flatbed hauling.

Tarps Make the Difference

The versatile yet utilitarian truck tarp makes all the difference between a successful flatbed trip and an unsuccessful one. From the truck driver’s perspective, not having the right kinds of tarps on board is a quick way to lose jobs. From the standpoint of shippers and receivers, tarps are the link that cargo stays safe from point A to point B. Some will not even consider using a driver until that driver first proves he/she has the necessary tarps on board.

Mytee Products carries a full range of steel, coil, lumber and smoke tarps for flatbed truckers. Most of the tarps we sell are made of high-quality polyethylene with reinforced webbing and brass grommets. We also carry canvas tarps as well. Our tarps offer exceptional durability at affordable prices.

The two keys to using tarps successfully are choosing the right tarp for the job and not buying new tarps on the cheap. Insofar as the former is concerned, not every tarp in a trucker’s toolbox is suitable for every job. That is why manufacturers make different kinds. Having at least a few of each makes the trucker’s job a lot easier.

In terms of buying new tarps, going cheap is never a good idea. You get what you pay for. By spending a little more on a high-quality product you can rely on, you will actually spend less over the course of your career by purchasing fewer total tarps. The extra money you spend on quality is well worth it.


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