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Use Strap Winders and Save Tarping Time

Most flatbed trailers are equipped with straps stored on the winch. These are used to fasten and secure load on transit. Any truck driver will tell you about the great deal of time they spend coiling straps when not in use.
The Kwik winch winder from Kinedyne Corporation is an excellent tool for winding straps. It allows the driver to wind the straps on the winch in a fraction of the time they would take to do so by hand.

You just feed the end of the strap on the winch mandrill and insert the hook end of the strap winder and wind the strap in no time at all.

The Kwik winder is made of steel with zinc plating and has 2 plastic-grip handles to allow for easy rotation of the winder bar during operation.This essential tool helps truck drivers to easily recoil straps, save time and quickly get back on their journey.