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4 Great Uses for Mesh Tarps

Mytee Products is known for providing truck drivers with high-quality tarps. However, our inventory does not stop at lumber and coil tarps. We also carry a full selection of mesh tarps as well. These products have a variety of uses within and without trucking. We sell them to construction companies, agricultural enterprises, and even regular homeowners.

To illustrate just how flexible a mesh tarp can be, we have listed four uses for them below. There are undoubtedly many more ways to use mesh tarps than what you will read here. Mesh tarps offer the perfect combination of breathability and protection from environmental debris to make them ideal for a seemingly unlimited number of applications.


1. Trucking – Securing Cargo

The trucking industry still accounts for the largest number of mesh tarps we sell. Among trucking firms, those running dump trucks appreciate mesh tarps for their obvious benefits. Consider that laws in all 50 states require dump truck operators to ensure their loads stay put. The thing is, dump truck loads do not usually have to be protected against the weather. A mesh tarp provides adequate coverage while allowing the load underneath to breathe.

Flatbed truckers also use mesh tarps from time to time. Again, they may have loads that need to be protected from airborne debris but not the weather. The beauty of the mesh tarp is that it does not inhibit airflow or trap moisture. The mesh tarp is an excellent choice for things like landscaping supplies and bee hives.

2. Privacy Screening

The second most popular use of mesh tarps is that of privacy screening. In a commercial setting, construction companies use mesh tarps for privacy all the time. They will completely enclose a construction site in order to keep people from getting a look at what is going on inside. They may be trying to prevent thieves from scoping out a property, or attempting to generate anticipation as a building project progresses.

3. Dust/Snow Barrier

We sell mesh tarps to farmers and agricultural operations looking to use them as barriers against dust and snow. For example, dust can be a big problem in the driest months of summer. A fence line consisting of posts and mesh tarp can significantly reduce the amount of dust traveling through a given area when the wind picks up.

During the winter months, those same fence lines can be used to control snowdrifts. Mesh tarps provide just enough of a barrier to snow without completely inhibiting airflow, making it possible to prevent the accumulation of snow where the owner does not want it. Think driveways and entryways to barns and other structures.

4. Creating Areas of Shade

Lastly, mesh tarps are great for creating temporary areas of shade without inhibiting airflow. Construction companies offer a good example. A construction company may have dozens of workers laboring in the hot sun on sites where natural shade is lacking. Utilizing mesh tarps for shade offers the kind of relief workers need while still being portable.

Similarly, we have sold mesh tarps to farmers who use them to construct temporary shade for livestock out in the field. This is particularly helpful in southern states where the sun can be brutally hot at times. Shade structures can be erected at the start of summer and then taken down come fall.

Mytee products invites you to browse our selection of mesh tarps. We carry several different kinds including black and green shade tarps, privacy screen, PVC mesh tarps for dump trucks, and even specialized mesh tarps for truckers who haul unusual loads.

Start Thinking about Mesh Tarps for Next Spring

In previous blog posts, we’ve talked about preparing for the onset of winter. Hopefully, your preparations have included everything from checking the wear on your Low Pro semi tires to inspecting all of your flatbed tarps for rips and tears. Being prepared for winter is the best way to make sure you get through without any major problems. Then you can start thinking about spring.

When spring does finally arrive just four months from now, flatbed truckers will begin to see more loads involving sod, trees, plants, and other sorts of exterior landscaping materials. These kinds of loads don’t do very well with the typical nylon tarp that can damage fragile leaf and stem systems. Some shippers won’t allow their loads to be covered with standard nylon or canvas. Instead, they expect drivers to use mesh tarps.


A standard mesh tarp is made of polyethylene material that is both breathable and durable. Mesh protects living cargo from the damage caused by wind and road debris during transit, yet it does not keep out the sun or rain. When applied correctly, a mesh tarp can provide all the protection live cargo needs without any of the damaging effects of a solid piece of nylon or canvas.

Choosing Mesh Tarps

We recommend you start thinking about mesh tarps during the winter so that you have plenty of time to research your options. Like all of your other tarps, the goal is to purchase mesh products that are durable enough to withstand the punishment of flatbed hauling yet not so expensive that they break the bank. You’ll be pleased to know that Mytee Products has a complete selection of mesh tarps that can be used on flatbeds or with covered trailers and tarping systems.

We offer more than a dozen different size options, from 6×8 all the way up to 50×50. Each one is made with heavy-duty 6-ounce polyethylene and fitted with durable #4 brass grommets every 2 inches. Seams are reinforced with 2-inch polyester webbing, as well.

Should you be in need of a mixed mesh product, we also carry a 10-ounce PVC-coated polyethylene mesh tarp in multiple size options. This is a stronger product better suited for loads where material strength is favored over shading. It is an excellent option for transporting sod in southern states where the sun can get pretty hot, even in the spring.

Protect Your Load and Your Paycheck

The arrival of winter means less than favorable driving conditions and a more challenging time tarping loads outdoors. Some drivers will already be looking forward to spring even before the new year arrives. In light of that, start planning now to purchase mesh tarps for your spring loads. Remember, protecting your load means protecting your paycheck at the same time.

Loads of sod and other landscaping materials do not necessarily require traveling hundreds of miles between shipper and receiver. Many of these loads tend to be local or regional. But wind and road debris can be just as damaging over 20 miles as it is over 100. Having the right kinds of flatbed tarps on hand guarantees you will be prepared to protect your load regardless of what it is you are carrying.

Mytee Products is your source for high-quality flatbed tarps, tarping systems and parts, truck tires, and so much more. We have been supplying America’s truckers with the supplies and equipment they need for more than 30 years. You can rely on us for great products, great prices, and our 30-day, money back guarantee.