Advantages and Uses of Steel Tarps

Steel tarps are increasingly becoming popular because of its various advantages. These tarps are not the first tarps that come to mind while the word tarp is mentioned. People generally think of traditional canvas tarps and plastic tarps that are commonly used. But steel tarps are now gaining more popularity especially because of their various uses.

They are named steel tarps because they are mainly used to cover the cargo made of steel or metal like wires, cords, sheets etc. These tarps are not made from steel but are made from heavy duty mesh or polyethylene material. Truckers and transporters use these tarps to protect steel items from corrosion and rust.

They are also known as tarpaulins. The name tarpaulin is derived from the original reference for canvas palls covered in tar. These canvas palls were utilized to cover and protect cargo loaded on ships. Now the term is used for any waterproof sheet used to protect different types of cargos and surfaces.

The main advantage of this material is that it gives protection against grueling weather and other external factors.  This tarp has grommets attached to its edges to allow tie down facility.

Advantages and uses of Steel Tarps are:

  • The tarp is very large so that only one tarp is required to cover and secure load on a flatbed trailer.
  • It’s a lightweight tarp so that it can be handled and maintained easily.
  • Though these tarps are lightweight they are very durable and sturdy.
  • Many uses of these tarps have been recognized apart from being used as trailer tarps. They are actively used at construction sites to clad new buildings and even farmers use them in many ways. These tarps have been used to cover cars as well.
  • These tarps have the facility of double fastening which is not available with other tarps like lumber tarps. The grommets or D-rings are attached at every 2 feet distance so there is no need to overlap the load or use anything else to secure or cover the load.
  • The material used in making this tarp can withstand harsh weather conditions and UV rays.

Steel tarp can be used to secure any kind of cargo and because of its double drop design it becomes very easy to use these tarps. Other types of tarps available in the market may be light weight and durable but cannot match the size of these tarps. A steel tarp is so large that only tarp will be needed to cover the cargo. It is not at all cumbersome to use these tarps though they are large in size as they are extremely light weight.

Why Should You Use RV Covers

Recreational vehicles are very popular for going on a vacation with friends and families. RVs offer convenience, flexibility, freedom along with number of other advantages. RV allows you to enjoy the comforts of your home along with your family including your pets when you explore new places and destinations.

While RV is very useful when you want to go for vacation, it is not been used for the majority of the time. Many times you wonder what happens to your vehicle when it is not been used? And how to protect it from the external elements when it remains idle?

Well the simplest answer to your wondering or worrying is RV cover. You must use RV covers to protect your vehicle when it is not in use. Many RV owners do not have the facility of garage or storage area to protect their RV. For them the best way is to cover the vehicle with appropriate material. You cannot cover your RV with just any plastic covers you might find.

How RV covers protect your vehicle?

  • When the vehicle remains idle for extended period of time, it needs protection from rain snow and other weather conditions. The recreational vehicle covers are made especially to cover and protect your vehicle from all kind of external elements like inclement weather, UV rays, moisture, wind, birds, animals, insects, dirt, dust and debris.
  • RV covers are made with breathable a material that protects your vehicle’s exteriors as well as interiors. There are vent flaps which reduce inside moisture and your vehicle can resist molds and mildew.
  • The best part is an RV cover can be custom made to fit the size and type of your vehicle.
  • RV cover saves your time and money, as the car washing need is eliminated to a great extend. This is a great use of the cover and it is been overlooked by many. Recreational vehicle covers make the maintenance of your vehicle an easy task.
  • When you remove the RV cover even after months from over your vehicle you will find your vehicle in clean and fresh and in ready to use condition. RV cover will keep your vehicle in the same condition in which you covered it. This means that you don’t need to spend time in preparing your RV for departure.

When you have invested a big fortune in buying a recreational vehicle and decorated its interiors to meet your comfort levels, it is wise to protect it by covering it with RV cover. These covers are durable and tested to deliver the required strength and protection. This means that once you invest in RV covers you do not need to worry about your vehicle for years to come.

Ratchet Straps Ensure Safety On The Road

Truckers use myriad of products to ensure the safety of the cargo that they pull. They use tarps to protect the cargo from harsh weather conditions and external elements as they have the responsibility to deliver the goods safely to its destination. Truckers also have the responsibility to tie down their cargo in such a way that is should not disturb other drivers on the road. For this the truckers need to ensure that when they drive at high speed on the highway their cargo should remain in place.

The best way to secure the cargo on a flatbed trailer is through Winch Ratchet Straps. They are made of strong polyester webbing. Ratchet strap can be used for the tying down goods on a truck, car or van.

Tips on tie down:

  • The primary thing for ensuring safety of the goods and securing them on the truck bed is about arranging them properly on the platform. If the goods are arranged properly it becomes very easy for you to cover them with a tarp and then later tying the tarp and goods down on the flatbed with straps.
  • Once you arrange your load on the flatbed, cover them using appropriate tarp. There are many types of tarps available in the market like lumber tarps and steel tarps. Once you choose your tarp, cover and secure you cargo, place the excess material on the corners under the load to avoid wind whip. It is very necessary to make sure that there is no scope of wind gushing through the tarp, or it will slow you down and also cause a disaster if the tarp tears.
  • After you make sure that your tarp is placed properly on the cargo, you have to tie it to the flatbed using straps. Many flatbed trailers have inbuilt tie down straps, but if your truck does not have that then you can use ratchet or winch straps. These straps will make sure that your heavy duty cargo and the tarp will remain in place.
  • There are different working load limits for different straps; you can use multiple straps according to the ranks of the straps. For example is your load weighs 10,000 lbs and your strap has working load limit of 500 lbs then you need to use 20 straps to secure the cargo robustly on the trailer.

For the optimum safety of your cargo and other motor drivers on the road, do not exceed the working load limit of your straps and also make sure your straps are in good shape while tying down. I understand being a truck driver you don’t want to be responsible for any mishaps or accidents caused due to materials flying off your truck.

Tips to use Grade 70 Chain and Chain Binder

Binders are used to tie down the loads to avoid any mishaps. Load binders are valuable instruments and as they keep the load in position; they are coated with steel to give you maximum strength for the tie down. If you use appropriate chains and binders you do not need to worry about your loads at hairpin turns and sudden stops.

The following tips with help you efficiently use Chain binder and Grade 70 chains:

Choosing a binder:

You need to double check the strength and durability of the binders when you go to buy a binder. There are many different types of binders available in the market like ratchet load binder, standard lever load binder, alloy ratchet load binder and many more. Some people are comfortable using lever style binders while others prefer ratchet style binders. You can choose the one that you are comfortable with, but you need to take some precaution while using either style of binder. If you use lever style binders make sure that it has not gotten lose, and for ratchet binders you need to carry a proper lubricant with you like a spray Teflon grease to ease the binders if they freeze. But do not use heavy grease it will dry and solidify causing more trouble.

About Grade 70 chains:

Grade 70 chain binder are widely used for carrying vehicles on flatbed trailers. According to rules in some states you need chains at each corner if your equipment weighs over 10,000 lbs and for less than 10,000 lbs weight one chain at each end will do. G70 chains are strong and reliable; they have gold tone finish and G70 inscription on it. Each chain has capacity of up to 4700 lbs with grab hooks at each end. G70 chains are preferable as they perform well on hilly terrains and can hold heavy objects in place.

Some security measures:

As we know there are two types of chain binder i.e ratchet and lever. While using these chain binders there are some necessary precautions to be taken. People using these binders should be trained well and should know the areas of application. You must regularly check the chains and binders to determine the binding, and wear of the binders. It is advisable not to use the chains or binders that are cracked easily. Prefer to use 70 degree chains to bind the heavy load. Do not use G70 chains for overhead lifting, and avoid using binders when someone is standing very close to the loaded truck.

These tips will help you use your chains and binders effectively and you will be also to haul heavy machineries and other heavy load easily. If you use proper hardware in a right way, you can secure your load efficiently and also keep yourself safe while dealing with heavy objects and binders.

Block the Unwanted Sights by Fence Privacy Screen

Privacy screen is used as a barrier between the court yards. The privacy screen is installed to block the views from the outside and also for the security. These fences in addition help you to cover the construction work in progress.

There are different types of fence privacy screen available in the market like brick walls, wooden partitions, wrought iron, chain link, mesh etc. A mesh privacy screen is the most commonly used screen in the commercial and residential area. It is also very easy to install this screen than installing brick walls and other types of privacy screen.

A very high quality tightly knit woven polyethylene material is used in making privacy screen. It is very durable and can last for many years. The material that is used in this screen is a breathable and so allows the fresh air to pass through it.

The privacy screen comes with woven eyelets so that the screen can be easily attached to the fence. These screens come in many different sizes and colors you can choose one based on your requirements. Some companies also provide custom made privacy screens if you have specific requirements and want some special print on the screen like a company logo or other designs.

The different types of fence screen include:

Residential privacy screen – these screens are made for the residential houses and can help you to block the views from the outsiders.

Construction site privacy screen – the screens made to cover the construction sites are different than the screens made for the residential purpose. They are used to cover the work in progress views.

Custom printed privacy screen – if you have a special logo or preference of designs that you want on the privacy fence screen then you can have that printed for you.

Apart from the above option you already have a choice of different colors for the screen.

Benefits of fence privacy screen:

  • Printed fences look very attractive and if you have custom made designs on it your screen will be unique.
  • These screens are cost effective, easy to install and durable.
  • Thanks to the advanced technologies, these fences are now made using acoustic materials.
  • These fences provide you peaceful environment.
  • The mesh privacy screen requires low maintenance.
  • These privacy screen are very durable and do not tear, peel or get corroded.
  • You have a wide choice of colors and designs.
  • One of the key benefits of this privacy screen is that you can do it yourself and use your creativity in putting up your own privacy fence screen.

Privacy fence screens are attractive; they block the unwanted sights and give you sense of security round the clock. If you visit e-commerce sites you will see that the privacy screens are available in basically two combinations i.e. 4’ x 50’ and 6’ x 50’. These lengths and heights can be altered to meet your specifications and the cost of the screen depends on the material and the quality of fabric that is used to make them.