Advantages and Uses of Steel Tarps

Steel tarps are increasingly becoming popular because of its various advantages. These tarps are not the first tarps that come to mind while the word tarp is mentioned. People generally think of traditional canvas tarps and plastic tarps that are commonly used. But steel tarps are now gaining more popularity especially because of their various uses.

They are named steel tarps because they are mainly used to cover the cargo made of steel or metal like wires, cords, sheets etc. These tarps are not made from steel but are made from heavy duty mesh or polyethylene material. Truckers and transporters use these tarps to protect steel items from corrosion and rust.

They are also known as tarpaulins. The name tarpaulin is derived from the original reference for canvas palls covered in tar. These canvas palls were utilized to cover and protect cargo loaded on ships. Now the term is used for any waterproof sheet used to protect different types of cargos and surfaces.

The main advantage of this material is that it gives protection against grueling weather and other external factors.  This tarp has grommets attached to its edges to allow tie down facility.

Advantages and uses of Steel Tarps are:

  • The tarp is very large so that only one tarp is required to cover and secure load on a flatbed trailer.
  • It’s a lightweight tarp so that it can be handled and maintained easily.
  • Though these tarps are lightweight they are very durable and sturdy.
  • Many uses of these tarps have been recognized apart from being used as trailer tarps. They are actively used at construction sites to clad new buildings and even farmers use them in many ways. These tarps have been used to cover cars as well.
  • These tarps have the facility of double fastening which is not available with other tarps like lumber tarps. The grommets or D-rings are attached at every 2 feet distance so there is no need to overlap the load or use anything else to secure or cover the load.
  • The material used in making this tarp can withstand harsh weather conditions and UV rays.

Steel tarp can be used to secure any kind of cargo and because of its double drop design it becomes very easy to use these tarps. Other types of tarps available in the market may be light weight and durable but cannot match the size of these tarps. A steel tarp is so large that only tarp will be needed to cover the cargo. It is not at all cumbersome to use these tarps though they are large in size as they are extremely light weight.

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