Flatbed Lumber Tarps – A Great Protector of Goods

Firstly let us check the meanings of what a lumber is and what a tarp is. A lumber in the simplest language is a load of raw wood material. Have you ever seen trucks carrying wood? Have you noticed the wood covered with a waterproof polythene or nylon tarpaulin sheet? That is exactly what we will discuss about in this article. A tarpaulin sheet in short is what you call a Tarp. So that’s how we get the two words conjoined as Lumber Tarp.

How are Lumber tarps manufactured?

You must have heard the name of nylon or polyester. The material used for manufacturing lumber tarps is polyester which is PVC coated. 6oz nylon fabric is used to make the lumber tarpaulin. This assures that the tarps are light weight. The weight of tarps depends on how much ‘oz’ they are made up of. While tarps made of 6oz fabric are light weight, 10oz and 14oz fabric tarps are heavier.

What is the name of the stitch and what is the name of the thread?

Though heavy duty tarps are welded, but mostly tarpaulin is stitched. The edges are double locked that means each stitch is twice locked by the next stitch. The hem stitch pattern is used to stitch tarps. #207 bonded threads are used to stitch tarpaulins. At the underside edge of the tarpaulin brass grommets are fixed.

Two additional rows of D rings are adjusted by hem stitch on the inner edge of the tarp border at a gap of 30 inch and 60 inch.

What are Light weight tarps and heavy duty tarps?

Broadly tarps can be categorised into two types— the light weight tarps and the heavy duty tarps. Light weight tarps are made of 6oz nylon fabric. Heavy duty tarps mean the tarpaulin covers made of 10oz, 12oz or 14oz vinyl fabric that is heavier.

If we go to the bottom of the discussion, there are many subtypes of the tarpaulin. Both light weight and heavy duty tarps have their respective subcategories. For example, the light weight tarps are also available in super light type which in texture feels nothing heavier than the parachute material. On the other hand, the heavy duty tarps are available in different subtypes depending on whether they are three pieces or two pieces. Light weight tarps usually don’t weigh beyond 90 lbs. The super light one weighs approximately 65 lbs. The heavy weight tarps weight over 100 lbs and the very heavy ones that are two pieces or three pieces weight up to 215 lbs.

For flatbed lumber tarps the flap on the rear side edge is a mandatory part. The flap is necessary to overlap the edges so that the tarps wraps around the lumber underneath.

What are the uses of lumber tarps?

From the name you can well understand that tarpaulin sheets are used to cover lumber that is load. It can be any kind of load, but mostly it is wood that is transported. The main purpose of the lumber tarps is to protect the wood being carried in the truck. The tarpaulin sheets protect the goods from rain water and sunlight. They are acid resistant so there are fewer chances that they will be affected badly. Also the tarps are fungus free so even in moisture or humidity or after rainfall, they don’t allow mushroom or fungi to grow on the wood and spoil its quality. The tarps are manufactured by double layered polyester so that they attain a certain thickness. Tarps are not fully waterproof but they don’t usually allow water to seep through the material.

Are all tarps waterproof?

Tarps are made waterproof as much as possible during the time of manufacture. But tarps cannot be made fully water resistant because in case of very heavy rainfall, sometimes rain water seeps through the tarps into the wood underneath. But usually tarps are made with a bi-layer of polyester which disallows water to seep through the two parallel sheets.

What to do if tarps get torn? Can they be repaired?

Tarps usually last longer if you can take adequate care of them. Do not leave tarps in water or dirt like in a go-down kind of area for a long time unused. If you keep using tarps, they last longer. Tarps always last a long life if you keep them clean and they don’t usually get torn easily. But in case tarps get torn, they can be re-stitched if they are of the light weight type. The heavy weight 10oz vinyl fabric is difficult to stitch so these tarps get welded in case they tear off.

Tarps are repairable but re-stitching repeatedly may harm their quality and hey would anyways wither off after a certain period of time. The light weight tarps are more durable.

What are D rings and what is the utilization?

D rings or Dee rings as they are called are the brass grommet like things that are hem stitched on the edge of the tarps so that the ropes to tie the sheet over the wood can be entangled through. The D rings are stitched in rows and sometimes in fact in double rows to ensure safety.

So what do you have to keep in mind before buying tarp?

When we talk about tarpaulins we are reminded of its versatile use. Sometimes not only to cover goods on flatbed trucks, but the material is also used even to cover construction sites in days of monsoon. From here we understand that this is a very useful material. So the next time you need a tarpaulin sheet, you know what it is made up of, how to take care of it, what are D rings, which type to buy according to your requirement, which is light weight and which is heavy duty and how to select your choice.

Do not compromise on quality and always make it a point to buy a branded tarp. Branded material lasts longer and can be relied upon for its durability.